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Dress like a boss: Wardrobe essentials every woman needs to have


You don’t really have to be a boss lady to dress like one. If you are a professional, dressing up every day can be a little challenging. Mainly if your career is also associated with fashion or a similar niche, there’s a strong possibility that you are strictly scrutinized on your choice of clothing, accessories, and shoes on a daily basis to see ‘if you really have it in you.’

Fortunately, the wardrobe essentials for a working woman does not always have to be ‘very professional.’ In fact, the new era is for casual, but refined clothing. The idea is to feel comfortable and still look stylish and cool. This new ‘dress down’ era encourages you to rock anything that’s fashionable yet wearable at the same time.

Wardrobe essentials for career women

Here are some fantastic tips on how to update your wardrobe. Inspired by the most successful boss ladies out there, these fashion ideas will help you climb the ladder of success in style!

A tee-and-a-blazer

Say hello to your new uniform. This one might be a pleasant surprise for most of you, but this is one combination that clearly yells casual and classy at the same time. A trend that was previously associated with Don Johnson is now becoming a wardrobe essential for career women to dress like a boss.

Unlike before, blazers are now available in different styles, cuts, and patterns. Similarly, T-shirts are changing too. They now use better and more elegant fabrics that makes them perfect to wear to work. The key is to grab the perfect combination that you can rock any day at work. Pick a lightly structured, textured, unlined blazer and a fitted T-shirt to go with it.

This duo will help you carry a casual look that is also luxurious.

The functional frock with a thin belt

You definitely need a dress or two in your work wardrobe essentials. But with so many options out there, which one to pick is the question. With casual and comfy becoming the talk of the town when it comes to dressing up, simplicity is the rule to follow.

Stick to the classic shape of a high-function frock to add to your wardrobe essentials. Pick bold, solid colors that bring out the best in the dress. Also, opt for a gown with a waist belt (or just grab one that goes with your dress) to accentuate the overall look.

Choosing a vibrant hue in a comfortable fabric will instantly give your dress a modern flair. After all, a cut that highlights the torso and floats over the hips gives out the perfect career-woman look you’d love to flaunt.

The executive footwear

In addition to focusing on your performance review, there’s one more thing that you shouldn’t miss out – your footwear!

Being a career woman is the reason enough why you’d want to ditch those uncomfortable heels. If you are worried about how you would pull off clothing without the right pair of heels, you seriously need to look around.

With so many footwear brands coming up with new designs that are mainly designed for career women who are usually on the go, half of your problem is already solved. The remaining half is – what to pick. Sneakers, flat ankle-boots, wedges, block heels, strapped-heels, and other similar shoes should be the choice.

To pull off that ideal professional look without putting your feet through trouble, pick pointed, closed-toe flat shoes that make you feel pulled together without having to compromise on your comfort.

The notable trouser

According to the Boss Lady herself – Angela Jia Kim founder of Savor Spa and Om Aroma & Co. – the professional dress up philosophy is nothing exceptional. Even in the professional world, heads should turn when you look your best.

We often focus more on what we wear as our top. For the bottom, we usually reach out for our favorite pair of jeans, trousers, or skirts. The idea is to know and use what makes you desired and admired. Regardless of your body type, a tailored, clean look paired with unexpected flair is the perfect way to accentuate it.

And that’s exactly where the perfect pair of trouser will help you. Of course, there are skirt days but to keep everything in place, a notable trouser is a must-have in your wardrobe.

The working-woman bag

A backpack! Yes, that’s right.

You are a career girl so it’s easy to guess you would already have a few of those professional carriers to complete your daily looks. Now it’s time invest in something more trendy and stylish. Another wardrobe essential for you is a backpack available in different patterns, textures, and styles.

Not only it gives you tons of additional space to carry your things, but if you are someone who doesn’t like holding your bag a lot or if you are usually on the go, this design allows you to go hands-free with a bag on your shoulder. Remember, purpose and style here go hand in hand.


A simple watch, a pair of classy sunglasses, the right amount of makeup, and an attitude to win the world — that goes in your wardrobe essentials too. So grab what you are missing out and be the Boss Lady you always wanted to be!

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