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Eco friendly brand strategies: simple changes for your business


This guide outlines simple and sustainable changes you can make to become an eco friendly brand.

In this age of global warming, it is crucial to be aware of the impact that your daily activities have on the environment. A recent study by the U.S. EPA found that businesses are responsible for about 40 percent of the nation’s carbon emissions. This means that if you run an eco friendly brand, you can make a difference in reducing your company’s environmental footprint and help protect the planet.

To make the company sustainable, many organizations have internally incorporated social and environmental practices. Classifying a company as an eco friendly brand with efforts and changes in offices or production lines, encouraging employees to have their own mugs or making a broad waste management campaign is no longer a differential and has become basic prerogatives.

A sustainable and eco friendly brand is a source of pride for customers and employees themselves.

The concept of sustainable business is based on three pillars: economic, environmental and social. This term is defined as a set of actions adopted by companies with the objective of acting consciously and with ethical attitudes. What it most aims at is respect for the environment and the society in which it operates.

Strategies to be a more eco friendly brand

How to implement eco friendly brand processes in the organization? Here are ways you can start making changes today:

Invest in biodegradable packaging

Product packaging made from plastic has become a significant problem for the environment, and making a change here is a big step towards being a more eco friendly brand. It takes thousands of years for most plastics to decompose naturally, making them one of the leading causes of marine pollution. Instead of using disposable packaging, use reusable containers and bags whenever possible.

For example, biodegradable packaging bags will break down in just a few days. So, there is no need to throw them away after each use. You can even compost these materials at home.

Use Green Energy

If you want to reduce your energy consumption, consider using green energy instead of traditional fossil fuels like coal or oil. There are many different green energy options available that you could use as an eco friendly brand, including solar power, wind power, geothermal heat pumps, and biomass. These renewable resources do not pollute the air, water, or land, and they also create jobs. 

Recycle everything

Recycling conserves valuable natural resources and helps keep trash out of landfills. If you don’t already recycle, as an eco friendly brand, try starting with paper products first. Many companies offer special recycling programs where you can bring your recyclables back to their offices.

Next time you are out there shopping, look for stores that offer discounts for carrying your bags. Also, ask your local government what type of recycling services are provided in your area.

Go for second-hand products

When it comes to acquiring new things for the office, opt for used ones instead of purchasing new items to move towards being a more eco friendly brand. Why does this have impact? Buying things used reduces the demand for raw materials and energy needed to produce new goods. Used furniture and appliances often cost less than purchasing brand-new versions. Furthermore, most charity shops sell donated items for very little money.

Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to save the environment without breaking the bank, you may want to think twice before investing in new products. However, this doesn’t mean you pick items that will jeopardize your business image. There are many platforms on the internet that allow you to buy quality second-hand clothing and accessories for a fraction of the price of retail prices. 

So when you’re browsing through their inventory, make sure you take note of any tags that may reveal some information about how long the item was worn. Otherwise, you might end up paying more money for something that’s not as well-maintained.

Choose sustainable suppliers

When choosing a supplier, consider whether that company offers environmentally friendly practices and is an eco friendly brand. Some manufacturers use recycled material or produce products that use fewer chemicals.

You should also check your suppliers’ websites to see if they have information about their business sustainability practices. If you are unsure how much to trust a given retailer, visit the Better Business Bureau website to learn more about their track record.

Additionally, you may find helpful information on sustainable production methods on various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Finally, always remember to get the best deal – if other suppliers can provide the same product, but at a lower price, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Bring plants to the office

Adding flowers and greenery to the workspace can help improve employees’ overall moods and boost productivity. Plants create an atmosphere of clean air, essential during the summer months and cold winter seasons. They also tend to absorb carbon dioxide from the room, which adds to you being an eco friendly brand. In addition, plants serve as effective noise absorbers, and they can even reduce eye strain by blocking harmful rays.

In addition to bringing a fresh atmosphere to your office, flowers and plants help boost the office appearance. Therefore, if you feel like your office isn’t brightened up, this is the way to go. There are many different kinds of flowers to choose from. So, ensure that you pick a type that blends with your office style.  

Involve the entire team

For the organization to become a sustainable company it is necessary that the entire team has knowledge about sustainable practices. Therefore, employees must be fully convinced of the value and effectiveness of sustainable actions. In addition, you should know the relevance of the return brought to the company.

That’s why it’s important to invest in training, especially for those who hold strategic positions within the corporation. To implement sustainable actions within the company, the team must feel an active part of the implementation.

This is a unique opportunity to improve the relationship between everyone and promote education and employee engagement.


There are different ways for a company to implement sustainable processes. The actions range from the use of selective collection to the installation of more economical machines and equipment with a lower level of emissions.

Another point of attention is to use modern technologies that allow the reuse and correct disposal of waste. Efficient waste management is essential to become a sustainable company

As a business owner, you must understand how you can contribute to improving the planet. You need to do your part to leave a better world for future generations to live in. The eco friendly brand changes mentioned above in this article offer excellent examples of simple actions you can undertake to change your business into one that respects Mother Earth. Now all you have to do is pick one and start making them happen!


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