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Preserving your company’s Image: 4 Reasons sustainable packaging should play a vital role


There’s a phrase on the lips of consumers and businesses alike these days – “ethical consumption”. It may not be a term that we can ascribe to every product and service, but it’s more important than ever to apply it to packaging. Using renewable resources and avoiding harmful chemicals and processes can have many benefits for the business, the consumer, and the planet. Here are four reasons why you should make the move toward sustainable packaging design today.

1. It helps boost your brand image

Does your current branding strategy include any environmental considerations? If not, be advised that making a green promise to the customer can automatically give consumers a more favorable impression of your business.

If your packaging is recyclable, made from recyclable materials, or is biodegradable, this should be made known. It’s an opportunity to position your brand as one that is conscious and caring, even if other aspects of your brand are less environmentally-focused.

2. It attracts a broader audience

We all know that consumer priorities have shifted over the past few decades, and we usually chalk this up to technology, specifically smartphones. Buyers have more choices than ever, and expect their desires to materialize quickly. But we must also bear in mind that there are always new consumers coming of age.

Consumers 30 and under are very invested in the idea of sustainability. When you choose sustainable packaging, you are tapping into a block of customers who factor this into their decision to buy. This makes you the preferred choice over competitors who don’t – no matter what kind of product you’re selling.

3. It can save your business money

Can you really save money when you select PTI plastic packaging, or any packaging provider that prioritizes sustainability? Yes, and that’s a huge incentive for many businesses. For instance, Coca-Cola has saved more than a hundred million dollars since they began focusing more intensely on sustainability.

When we use less packaging in the name of sustainability, we can also save a great deal of money in shipping our products. Your business may even be eligible for loans and grants based on your promise to make a greener transition.

4. It’s better for the environment

Finally, we have the most obvious – and truthfully, the most important – benefit of them all. While it may seem like a small contribution to have your business offer sustainable packaging, that’s the only way we can preserve what remains of our environment.

Improving and sustaining environmental conditions for generations to come requires a million small steps taken by individuals and companies who care. Reduce impacts and decrease your company’s carbon footprint today, and you will forever be part of a movement that helped save the planet.

With so much knowledge at our fingertips in this modern age, buyers are more informed than ever on the negative impacts of certain types of packaging. They may even view some materials as unsafe for their health and families. Add in the fact that packaging makes up nearly a quarter of trash that gets hauled away annually, and it’s clear that now is the time to make sustainability part of our business plan.

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