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Employee recognition: how to use custom lapel pins


Employee recognition is an important part of keeping the workforce motivated and rewarding them for the good work that they continuously do for the company. Lapel pins have been particularly effective in successfully putting the value of employee recognition into force for hundreds of years now and across various fields of work. Why it remains effective, and how to properly use the effectiveness of customized lapel pins to boost motivation in your own workforce are some of the things that we will discuss next.

The importance of employee motivation through acts of recognition

An employee is a human being and is subconsciously ruled by emotions, just like every other human being. While different motivators may have different effects on them, depending on who they are as people, the bottom line is that recognition for something that they have done has a reinforcing effect on their psychology.

For example, when you recognize someone for being on time and not missing a single day of work for an entire year, he/she is motivated to repeat similar attendance next year as well. The same applies to sales performance awards, Employee of the Month/Year awards, and just about every other achievement events where an employee is singled out from the rest due to an actual and relevant cause of pride. This doesn’t just make him/her feel special, but the person also finds validity in that recognition since it is based on actual facts.

The impact of the lapel pin

When you present someone with an Employee of the Month reward and a customized lapel pin, you provide tangibility to the achievement and his/her hard work. There will likely be monetary rewards associated with such recognition as well and although it may seem of more importance than the lapel pin itself, that is not really true.

Money in the bank account is always welcome, but it doesn’t quite represent the cause or hold the same emotional value as the lapel pin does. A customized lapel pin is a physical object that directly signifies what he/she has achieved, giving tangibility to the particular achievement itself.  The money will be eventually forgotten but the lapel pin will remain with the employee, reminding him/her of that achievement and award ceremony for a long time to come.

How to maximize the utilization of the lapel pin

However, in order for the lapel pin to have the same impact on employee recognition as discussed, it has to be utilized well. To maximize the motivation factor here, keep the following in mind.

Customization is essential

As an employer, you cannot just buy random pins from the market and present them to your employees for their unique achievements. Smaller companies often make such mistakes to save a little money, nullifying the very effect which it was supposed to have. You can get custom made ones at Lapel Pin Super Stores to not just have it represent your company name, but also the reason for the reward and the name of the employee himself/herself. This customization is what adds real value to the insignia, as only through detailed and accurate customization can you expect it to hold any real value to your employees.

The pins must be distinguished accordingly

The Employee of the Month lapel pin can’t be of the same visual/monetary value as the Employee of the Year pin, because then there would be no distinction in rank and once again, the award loses some of its value in that case. There is a reason why medals in sport are given in Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and that applies here too.

If you have any further doubts regarding the effectiveness of the lapel pin and other insignias as tools for employee recognition and motivation, just look at the military and their various decorations that have managed to reward, motivate, and represent patriotic acts, values, and spirit successfully throughout history.

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