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Why female entrepreneurs should travel alone at least once


Solitude and self-reflection are hard to come by when you are already lost in the hustle and bustle of every day’s life and it gets pretty difficult if you are an entrepreneur, that too a female one. Every day the pattern becomes painstakingly similar, handling phone calls, going to meetings or sitting in front of your computer all day.

At some point travelling also becomes an unavoidable part of building and growing a successful business. I understand many of your contacts are local but still, there will (if it hasn’t already) come a time when you need to make trips across the country or even leave the country for network or lead a workshop at an industry event.

Let’s be honest, even these trips that allow you some moments to breathe don’t bring any solace either. The reason being, when you travel for business all you think about is ‘business’ or to get there (your destination) on time. This sucks all the joy out of being alone while travelling and you miss out on all the important lessons these solo trips bring that can greatly help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Nobody gives a damn about you

And it’s for the best. I mean do you really believe there are people out there fretting over you when they had their own things to worry about. And the best way to realise this is travelling solo. While on the go, you couldn’t care less what others think of you, that because you know if you botch somehow, nobody cares about that anyway. Solo trips are all about freeing your inner self and letting it thrive. Yes, exactly like your business.

You get to learn about new cultures

It’s easy to fall accustomed to our surroundings, home and society that we often fail to realise the significance of growing with our business. So, when we travel, we come across a massive assortment of lifestyles, clothing preferences, food choices etc. This, from an entrepreneurial viewpoint, can easily get you the inspiration you need for new products or services. Remember that incredible cuisine in Uzbekistan, you can try serving it at your restaurant.

You will know skills you didn’t realise you had

Everybody dreams of entrepreneurship, few ever succeed while others quit thinking they are not skilled enough. As a woman, you don’t need to learn every skill before starting out on your entrepreneurial journey. Think of it as a roller coaster ride where fun begins along the way. Who knows, you might handle the ride much better than you thought. Travelling solo simply presents you a better way to test your inner strengths.

You learn to trust yourself and your decisions

You must have realised as a woman that you depend way too much on others for approval than you do yourself. But when you travel alone, and there’s no one to rely on for advice, you know you need to make a decision and own up to it no matter how it turns out. And since most of these times, there won’t be enough information available, you will have to trust your intuition for that. Don’t you think this skill will come in handy while making business plans?

You can easily expand your horizon

If you begin your journey with the right mental attitude, you won’t stay solo for very long. One of the major benefits of travelling is that it provides you with ample conditions and awareness to meet amazing people from around the globe, each with their own profession, unique interests and personality traits. I met a new friend and entrepreneurial mentor who is working on his third successful company on one of these solo trips.

If you don’t feel like travelling solo, reconsider entrepreneurship

I know many of you won’t agree, but here are some hard facts about this argument. Being a female entrepreneur is going to be a long and lonely journey. Just like travelling, you will spend 80-90 hours per week on own and as you progress, you will have messed up most of your relationships. Believe me, being your own boss is anything but easy. But then, you have to make sacrifices if you wish to live the life the way you have always wanted to.

You know the best way to harness these travel lessons? Go out, learn from your own experiences and bring back your own lessons for business implementation. And while out on these trips, try to avoid room service as much as possible. Dine out whenever possible, explore the city, strike up a conversation with strangers. Who knows, you might meet your entrepreneurial mentor on your next solo trip. (wink!)

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