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We’ve all worked for long stretches before. We’ve all had to get through tedious and frustratingly unending projects. The paycheck at the end of it all makes us feel a little better, but we don’t look back at the work with fondness. Yes, there are times where everything falls perfectly for us and we glide through the job swimmingly, but life isn’t always that kind to us.

We all have a set way of doing things. Sometimes that method means we can get to work comfortably and complete the tasks at hand, and sometimes that method needs a little tweaking. It can be really frustrating when all you want to do is get a job done, but you’ve completely hit a wall. All that’s needed for the plateau to stop is a slight change, but the change isn’t forthcoming anytime soon.

Every single day we strive to be better than the previous one in every aspect. Our bosses always tell us we need to be more organized and more efficient, but actually doing it isn’t anywhere near as easy as it sounds. Of course, we want to get jobs done quicker whilst maintaining the same quality, but we’re not robotic – we’re average, everyday, flawed humans!

While it’s not a case of just flicking a switch and pressing a button to make us more enhanced, there are things we can do that could improve us over time. We can train ourselves into being more efficient with our time and our work, so that, perhaps this time next year, we can be a much better version of ourselves.

The way each individual person functions is completely different from all the others. What one person sees as a completely perfect and comfortable way of operating, someone else could find ridiculous. That said, there isn’t a perfect set in stone way of increasing productivity, efficiency, etc. personally. There are little changes that can be made to someone’s work and to their own life that can speed things up and makes everything a little smoother, however. Let’s go through a bunch of them and see how many could help you in the future.

Plan out the day/week

When you go into something with a plan solely in your mind, you’ll often run into a few problems. Your mind can only hold so much. It doesn’t matter if you’re above average in the brain department, you’ll still get a few things twisted around in your head. Get a little plan written down in a diary, on your phone or on a piece of paper. When it’s out there in front of you to read from, it makes it much easier. Instead of constantly thinking about what you have to do, you just have to follow along a path that’s already been laid for you.

Get into a regular routine

Being in a daily routine is the closest thing a human can do to reach robotic and mechanized levels. When left to our own devices in a disorderly and unarranged way of living, we’ll often get things done at different times, meaning we miss deadlines and turn up late to things. You probably have some kind of routine way of behaving in at least one aspect of your life, so why not go one further and incorporate into your mornings, afternoons and evenings. Now, a lot of people don’t like routines because they may get a little too comfy and never break from it, but in this instance, having a scheduled set of things to do would help you.

It all starts with how you behave in the evenings, a good night’s sleep will invariably present you with a smoother morning when you wake up. Having an assembled set of morning activities will likely mean you can get it all out of the way before you show up to work at the right time. Finally, having a lunchtime routine would get you fed, rested and mentally prepared for the rest of the working day.

Don’t rush things

It’s something we all do from time to time – even the most level headed and laid back people in the world. We think we’re firing through everything and being a good worker. What we’re usually doing in this instance is going way to fast and making basic, stupid errors. It’s an obvious thought, but if you want to get your work done and you feel like that deadline is increasingly speeding up, then don’t be hasty. Realize that going at a passive pace will be just fine.

Organize everything

We mentioned organizing your day and how you behave during the day. Now it’s time to assemble your working area properly. It’s another fundamental point to make, but doing the basics properly often makes a big difference. If you’re at a desk and it full of clutter (old work, piles, equipment all over the place, etc.), then take a little time out to neaten it all up. You know from past experiences that you work better and quicker when everything is in its place.

You should also organize your files on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. Taking a while to find the correct documents is just going to add to the time taken. If everything is kept in the correctly named folders, they’ll take a few seconds to open.

Talk with your boss

While your superior is the one giving you orders and expecting you to complete them, he/she isn’t a monster (you’d assume). If you ever come into some trouble, then you can always talk with them. You can discuss different ideas regarding how you and the rest of the staff can work better. Their job is to get you operating at a fantastic level, so they’ll be open to a productive chat.

Communicate with co-workers

The same goes for the team working alongside you. They say that too many cooks spoil the broth, but in this instance, two or three heads are better than one. Taking five or ten minutes out to talk or to solicit help from your colleague may save you a lot of time and trouble. Don’t get stuck in your own head. Again, you’re expected to be able to do the work, but not everything is going to be easy.

Use appropriate software

Computers and the programs that are on them can seriously help you out when you need to break through a wall or speed up your work. The good thing about computer software is that there’s no room for interpretation, it’s all binary. Yes or no. Done or not done. That said, if you need a system that can quickly and conveniently organize your work, then you a computer is your best bet. If you need to manage customer relationships, then you can use something like Copper. If you need to have your entire project laid out for you on a monitor, then you could use a program like Asana. In this day and age, we’re blessed with technology that makes everything so much easier. Generations of years gone by will be turning in their graves!

Take breaks

It might sound counterintuitive but have a little stoppage every now and again to refresh your brain might be a great call. It’s similar to the idea of cutting out your rushed and overly speedy ethic. When you’re constantly staring at something and trying to figure something out, you often tie yourself in knots. Going away and coming back gives your mind a chance to reinvigorate and come up with entirely new ideas.

Pick a task and stick to it

You might fancy yourself as a fantastic multitasker, but sooner or later you’ll get a little mixed up. If you have a bunch of stuff to do, you should prioritize and work on one at a time. Multitasking seems like such a good idea because you’re getting two done for the price of one, seemingly. What you’re really doing is slowing down. Furthermore, when you have more than one task to do, your mind can get a little cluttered, and it may confuse you.

Set goals

When we’re working towards a big goal that is weeks or maybe even months away, it’s easy to get complacent and slightly sluggish. The marathon aspect can be quite demotivating. To speed yourself up, you should set small goals frequently. When you complete a task, no matter the size, you get a sense of victory, and it motivates you to do it again. That constant need to want to keep on completing goals will speed you up subconsciously.

Don’t panic

When you’ve hit the wall or slowed down when you have a lot of work to do, the worst thing you can do is go into panic mode. That won’t solve anything. First thing you should do is get away from your workplace. Then take deep breaths and remember that it’s not the end of the world. As we said before, your colleagues aren’t zombies; they’ll be there to aid you with whatever you need.

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