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There’s a lot that technology can do for us. In fact, people are now talking about technology doing it all for us. From automated cars, to robots working in factories – the age of automation is upon us!

But not right just yet. Tech is still a tool for us to utilize in the workplace right now. Think about the uses you get out of technology. Think about what life in your business would be like without it. Certainly, some things might be a lot easier – but the vast majority of work tasks have been made a lot simpler and easier with digital tech.

Let’s have a look at what we can do to simplify work. Let’s explore the possibilities that technology is opening up for us. From business event processing to automating pivot tables and cloud storage, there’s plenty that our computers can do for us with the aid of software.

The cloud

Cloud storage is an excellent way to move forward with computers beyond word processing and emails. The data on your computers can be backed up to remote servers meaning that it is safe in the event of a system failure or any other event that will handicap your business. Cloud storage allows your business to be mobile and if the worst does happen, you can operate off-site. You should still be backing up to hard drives, but don’t ignore the benefits of the cloud. Cloud storage can also sort you out with a suite of software, so you don’t need to buy expensive versions. Word processors and spreadsheets are built into Google Drive, and you can edit your work with employees simultaneously instead of sending attachment after attachment.

Customer relations via social

What about customer service? Are you still relying on phones and emails to deal with customers? Offer them the avenue of social media. Using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook can ensure that you can solve customer issues, virtually face to face, in the public domain that Twitter and FB provide. You can set virtual ‘hours of operation’ just like a physical presence, and you can answer queries from wherever you can access your social media accounts. This could be from anywhere in the world!

Automate accounting

Accounting software like QuickBooks can automate your invoicing and accounting. You can balance the books automatically if you link Quickbooks to your business bank accounts. You don’t need to worry about working out your tax returns either as it will do the hard work for you.

Remote collaboration

Skype can allow you to video conference and attend meetings from anywhere in the world. You can also replace slow email chains with instant messaging applications like Discourse and Slack. These allow for constant and immediate collaboration on work and company business no matter the distance.

There’s plenty that tech, computers and software can do for us, but far too many companies are happy with the basics. Push yourself and see what you can improve when you turn to technology! It’s time to move forwards.

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