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This is why goals aren’t achieved


We all have goals in life. This is the driving force that pushes us in doing our jobs or pursuing our careers no matter how narrow the road ahead of us becomes. Indeed, life is all about achieving these goals. But it seems there is always that one goal we would like to achieve but haven’t. Where it seems we can’t reach a goal no matter how hard we try. Here are the top five reasons why.

1. You have chosen someone else’s goal

Our goals should be coming from our very being. However, in reality, many of our goals are imposed on us. It’s either imposed by the society, by our parents or simply by your irrational thoughts. The results are often tragic, and we end up failing because we are not at our 100% when working towards that goal.

2. You are using an unrealistic time frame

There are two types of goals in life, the short-term goals and the long-term ones. These two often come together, and the short-term goals often contribute greatly to the attainment of our long-term goals. For the short-term ones, for instance, we say land a job in the next couple of months and then work hard to get your first car or home — which is your long-term goal. However, most people fall into the trap of rushing things and start setting up unrealistic time-frames. That’s the reason why patience is always the greatest virtue.

3. You are setting unrealistic goals

Things may not always go as planned, no matter how hard you try. So, instead of trying to be on top of the ladder at the start, try settling on the level which you are most comfortable.  If you land on a job where your salary can’t afford to pay for a monthly bill for a brand new car, then settle for the old models. If your business can’t afford a huge advertising budget yet, find more cost-efficient ways to promote the brand until the big money comes in. You need not worry about how other people think. Always remember at the end of the day, it’s all about you and how you handled these goals.

4. Maybe you are ignoring your environment

This for me is by far one of the most common mistakes we commit that paves the way for us to fail in life. In every aspect of our day-to-day living, the environment always plays a big part towards our success. You can’t just run fast when you are travelling in a muddy or rocky road, the things around you matters a lot and will surely affect your success rate. The best thing to do is to acknowledge the presence of these roadblocks and start applying helpful counter-measures, so they don’t affect you in achieving your goals.

5. Trying to do things your own

Being independent is a goal in itself. But some goals need a team to be achieved, and there are also those that can be achieved with just a little help from others. Despite your being independent, be smart enough to know that not all things are achievable by you alone. Always seek the help of others when needed.

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