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Changing career may be easy to visualise or think about in your mind, but actually doing it is another thing entirely. You can’t just change career. You need to go into your new career knowing you have certain bases covered, knowing that you  can back yourself up and get the career you want without falling short. There are a multitude of things you need to be seen as a viable candidate for another role. These three tips can help you start thinking in the right way before making the all important jump. You may have considered some of them but they can still set you on the right track toward one of the most important decisions you may make in your life.

Learn a language

Knowing another language can sometimes be the difference between getting a new job or not. Especially when going into an industry that has links with lots of other countries. Being able to speak another language is an endearing trait, one which has always sat well with employers. You also need to think about your current language, if English isn’t your native language and you want to be more proficient in it before applying for another job then check out this article. You need to be clever and highlight the language that you think will help you most. However, on the same track you also need to do a language you have a passion for. It will ensure you stay committed and keep at it until the language is learnt.

Get a degree

Another thing that is holding you back will be the lack of a degree, or a relevant degree. Don’t think about it, just go out and get it. Earning yourself a good degree can boost your confidence and stand you in good stead for any type of career change. If you work full time you may need to drop your hours to be able to to a degree part time. You could quit entirely if you have someone else to support you, and as such get the degree completed far quicker. Really devote some time to it first because it is quite the big commitment to make and it will cost money too. So know it is the right decision to make before going ahead with it.


It may be experience that you are lacking and as a result you may need to go back and join a company on the bottom level to earn some valuable experience before applying for the job of your dreams. It can be a monumental pain, and you will of course take a pay cut. But it means you are working in the sector or industry you love and as a result building up some valuable knowledge before going for the particular niche or job that you enjoy most. It will be something else to stick to your resume and say you have done, this in relation to the degree and a new language will make you a great potential candidate for the job you want to succeed in.

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