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Doing good can be a good career change


Most of the time, when we talk about jobs and careers, we talk in terms of how much money we have the potential to earn. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it does tend to diminish the value of jobs that are focused on how much of a positive difference they make to the world rather than how much zeroes are found on the paycheck. If you’re naturally drawn to doing good, then there’s a double hit of good news coming your way: not only are jobs that make a positive impact satisfying, they also don’t automatically mean a reduced salary. In fact, if you’re committed and talented enough it’s possible for you to make a difference and take home a healthy paycheck.

Job satisfaction

People who go to work at a job they know is having a positive impact on the world have higher levels of job satisfaction than those who don’t. Or, at the very least, they can access the feeling of job satisfaction more readily. While it’s possible to love your job if you’re working in the private sector, studies have shown that a smaller percent of people who work in the private sector rank their job satisfaction high when than those in the public and third sectors do. There is, generally speaking, more money in the private sector – but when it comes to what you do day in, day out (aka ‘how you spend your life’), money shouldn’t be the only thing that you concern yourself with. There’s more to life than money!

Finding the cause

If you want to spend your life making a difference, then you need to determine what difference you actually want to make. There are no shortages of issues that need help, and there are plenty of causes you can attach yourself to. It’s not a matter of jumping into just any job that has a positive impact on the world; you should choose a cause that’s close to your heart. People have different driving forces, and this should be accounted for when you’re thinking in what field you might like to work. It’s not always a walk in the park (in fact, it rarely is) when it comes to working in jobs that can be emotionally draining, so it’s important that your commitment to the cause goes down to your core. In the next four sections, we’ll take a look at four of the most common sectors where you can make a difference.

Working for the environment

There’s no doubt about it: as a species, the greatest threat posed to humanity is climate change. If things don’t change, in a few decades we could be living in a world that is riddled with food and water shortages, extreme weather, and submerged communities. It could be chaos, essentially. While it’s too late to stop some of the effects from happening, it’s still possible to stop the worst effects of climate change taking place. The problem is, getting anything done is tricky. With so many competing nations, and big business calling many of the shots that determine whether things change or not, the climate often takes a back seat. If you’re from the corporate sector and have skills that could be used to enact change, sign up your services and look for a job working with the environmental agencies working hard to protect planet earth. If you do, the effects of your efforts may still be making a positive difference many generations into the future.

Bringing about social change

It’s a complex world, and with so many things taking place it’s sometimes the case that the important social changes that need to take place often pass by unnoticed. Not so if it’s your job to campaign for the changes that need to happen. You’ll be campaigning to wrong injustices and make the world an equal place for all. With inequality on the rise, this is another pressing issue that needs to be addressed. Of all areas to succeed, few are as difficult as changing the nature of one facet of the world, but it does happen – there’s a lot of instances of things that were once thought of as here to stay that were overturned. If you want to get involved with these types of causes, focus on particular injustices that you feel passionate about and get in touch with the organisations who are fighting to make a difference.

Charitable work

Charitable organisations are pretty amazing. They’ve become professional over the years, and are now run as if they were a company. Only, charities are in the business of improving the world. They don’t do it for their benefit; they do it because they believe in the world and want to improve it in any way they can. There’s a whole host of positions available in the charity sector. In fact, most jobs that can be done in the corporate sector can also be done in the charity sector. It won’t pay as much financially, but it will pay in other ways.

Helping people

It can sound corny, but the human race is one big family. There is more than connects us than divides us. But this is often overlooked, and some people are left behind. Others just need a helping hand to get them back to their best. Investing in people is never wasted, and if you’re a natural people person, then you might do the most good by working with those people who need help. Regardless of your interpersonal skills, you’ll need training to do your job properly, so look at Ultimate Medical Academy – health and human services degree online and get your career change underway. There are few feelings better than helping a fellow human overcome their troubles and improve their life in any small way!

Leaving the corporate sector

It’s not an easy decision to leave a secure, well-paying corporate job and take a position in an organisation that is focused on doing good. If you’re not just changing industry, you may also be having a complete career overhaul, and this is scary – especially if you don’t know how you’ll like it. But stick with it, and you’ll soon have that deep-seated, content feeling.

Money is secondary

When it comes to doing good as part of your job, it’s not about how much you earn. Your satisfaction comes from knowing that your efforts are for a greater good, working hard to enact changes that are far bigger than you as an individual, rather than by how much your bank balance grows each month. Of course, you’re not working for free. You will be paid, but it won’t be the driving motivation for your getting up and going to work each morning. You’ll also benefit from doing a job that is inherently interesting and varied. Rather than doing the same thing each day, you’ll have a varied, challenging job that could take you down any number of paths over the course of your year.

More than a job

You’re going to learn a lot of new skills when you’re involved in matters that make a positive contribution to the world. You’ll become more knowledgeable about the issues that face vulnerable people, the earth, and beyond. This will certainly make you grow as a person and develop your character. What you do will become more a lifestyle rather than just simply a job, and you’ll soon notice that you’re more empathetic, patient, and an all round better person; you’ll be the best version of yourself. Remember: to do good is to be good. More than most other professions, what you do when you’re job is a force for positive change reflects who you are.

Be bold and make a difference

There’s a tendency for people to shy away from the jobs that might make a difference. They think that they’re only one person, and so how can they make a difference? Don’t think like this. Instead, be bold and declare your intentions to make a difference. If you doubt yourself, you’ll have already lost the battle. Believe in your heart that you can improve the world and you’re already there. You’re going to face a lot of battles when it comes to trying to get the world to improve, and some people will tell you that change is impossible; disregard them.

Looking back

There are many reasons why certain people should consider switching to a job that does good. If you’re considering it but hesitating, think of how it’ll feel later in life when you’re looking back on all that you’ve achieved. Would you like to point solely to a bank balance and some personal achievements as your list of successes, or would you rather be able to reflect on all the small victories you had that made the world a better place? You only get one life, and it might be that helping the world progress is what gives you the most satisfaction. There’s many ways for you make a difference, so start thinking about what you care about the most!

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