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Learning from the very best: 7 Habits of the richest people in the world


Wealthy, successful business people think and behave differently than your average person. Their success and business minds exemplify different habits. Here are 7 habits to learn of the richest people in the world.

  1. They set achievable goals

A large reason they’re rich is because they’ve done business right. One of the successes to doing business right is setting attainable goals. By looking forward to the future, it is important to set goals that are possible to reach. Wealthy individuals set specific goals that are realistic and must be carried out. For example, reaching a targeted annual salary is something most rich people would strive for instead of boosting their productivity level because productivity level is not measurable but finance is.

  1. They build a relationship with a mentor.

This is huge. Studies show that 93% of wealthy individuals have a mentor who have advised them on their path to success. Finding someone that has been in the field and have the experience to guide you along is crucial. Mentors can teach you the ropes of the industry, the ins-and-outs of a business and advise you on the good and the bad before you take the dip into the business world. This saves time from defeat and also prepares you for success early on rather than later.

  1. They educate themselves

Continuing education is huge to the success of any business. For the rich, reading and educating themselves through other resources such as ChadFocus is what keeps them constantly “in the know” of what’s happening around the world. Rich people, such as Warren Buffet, spend as much as 80% of their day reading and educating themselves.

  1. They make plans and stick to them

Rich people have a habit of having calendars. Their productivity is based on set plans that they carry out. That is how they keep their goals on track and attain them, which results in their wealth.

  1. They save regular and invest.

A big habit of the wealthy is using their money in smart ways. Through investing, financing and saving – wealthy people generate their wealthy. You can’t be wealthy if you spend it all. So the rich save and let their money accumulate.

  1. They surround themselves with the right people

Rich people know who to surround themselves with. By being around like-minded people, they are motivated to keep up with their work and goals. Driven and hard-working people are usually the individuals rich people have a habit of being drawn into.

  1. They avoid debt

With smart investing, rich people also avoid debt. Rich people pay off any money they may be owing so it doesn’t accumulate to debt or interest in the future. By saving their wealth and not digging themselves into massive debt is key to keeping their finances in check and generating their wealth.

The habits of the rich are simple yet critical into their success in both life and business. Have a goal and want to achieve it? Learn from these steps and you never know – you may become among the rich soon.

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