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Infographic: How to have a happy and productive office


Do you want your employees to work with pleasure and be as productive as possible? The design of the office plays a vital role in this. A pleasant working environment where ensures a higher satisfaction and promotes the work. Such an ideal office should have a good atmosphere. Creating the best conditions in the office can be a tough job, but luckily there are several ways you can do that.

Fight stress: Plants and green colour

Green has a positive effect on people. Plants ensure better air quality and reduce stress. But even artificial plants brighten up the office, especially if you combine them with a nice colourful pot.

Plan meetings properly

Many employees see meetings as a waste of time. It is therefore essential to meet as efficiently as possible. Research into the ideal meeting room shows that it is best to sit at a round or oval table: this ensures the best interaction. What is more, try to provide a clear agenda and tight time schedule.

Place desks close to the window and select ergonomic furniture

Different work styles suit diverse work types. Place standing and support desks. This way the employee can choose the desk type which suits the work that he or she has to do. Also, place desks near the windows. The natural daylight that flows through windows offers many health benefits. The light stimulates the vitamin D production, and by looking out occasionally, the eye focus changes… The freed vision stimulates creative thinking.

Create openness

Of course, not every company is suitable for an office garden where every department works. Yet you can create an open office. For example, create a café-like seating area for meetings or interviews, reduce clutter and transform empty spaces into quiet workplaces.

For further tips check the infographic provided by FaxBurner

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