Healthy office snacks can boost productivity, morale and motivation


This guide outlines how providing healthy office snacks can benefit your business as well as your employees.

There is a positive relationship between food and workplace productivity. However, investing in a healthy snack delivery service keeps employees satisfied and helps maintain their health. Supporting good health in the workplace can also help to attract key talent while retaining a high-quality workforce.

If you are truly looking for ways to foster a healthy working environment, consider investing in a healthy meal snacking delivery service. You realize that it will not only curb the hunger of the employees but also improve their productivity. Overall, a healthy snack service also helps to improve employee morale, engagement, and motivation.

Benefits of healthy office snacks

Still not convinced? Here are several reasons to invest in a healthy office snacks delivery service for your organization.

Improved Productivity

There are different ways of measuring productivity in the workplace. However, some things remain the same. If your employees are being distracted by hunger, there are high chances that their productivity will decrease. In addition, hungry employees may have to spend their time outside the workplace looking for something to eat.

A 2011 report by Staples revealed that approximately 2.4 billion hours were lost in worker productivity in the US since the employees had to leave the office to get coffee and snacks. While this is a drain on time for the organization, it also impacts the employees’ wallets. It is not surprising that companies are investing in healthy office snacks services.

Job Satisfaction

An office snacks service can be a crucial recipe for employee satisfaction. In the current competitive economy, companies are finding it hard to attract key talent. An office snack service can help to create a focus on improving employee satisfaction, making it easier to attract and retain key talent. When employees access free food in the office, this not only boosts their happiness but is also highly correlated to job satisfaction.

Employees Feel Valued

That everyone loves free things is no secret. However, employees would appreciate even more if whatever you are giving to them is something useful. By introducing a healthy office snack service, you provide your employees with a readily accessible source of healthy office snacks. Healthy snacks also help to improve the employees’ morale because they feel that their well-being matters.

While every benefit provided by the company sends an essential message to the employees, including a snack delivery service can help them understand that the organization truly values them and is making an effort toward improving productivity.

A snack program for your family can be something that enables your organization to stand out from the crowd. While finding the right candidate for your organization continues to be difficult, there is no doubt that employees are looking to work in an organization that offers the best perks and benefits. Giving your employees healthy snacks at the office is one of those benefits the best candidates are looking for.

Free food is listed high among the most important perks for employees. You can help showcase your company as a leader in corporate wellness by investing in a healthy office snacking delivery service.

Increased energy

When people feed their bodies with the right food, they have more energy to channel into the organization. However, your employees will run out of energy without proper nourishment, leading to reduced productivity and bad moods. Some healthy office snacks like those rich in vitamin C or folic acid can help improve an individual’s mood. With that, your employees can get through the afternoon without feeling drained.

Employee retention

Employee turnover is a big worry for organizational managers. With the rise of review sites for employees like Glassdoor, it has become necessary for the management to reduce internal churn. Also, in the current workplace environment, employees are looking for intangible benefits in their workplace, such as organizational culture and satisfaction. Managers, therefore, must look for creative ways to reduce employee turnover.

Although employee retention cannot depend on food service in the workplace, an office snacks service can help to address issues to do with employee dissatisfaction, therefore enhancing retention.

Social Benefits

Office snacking programs have the benefit of facilitating positive employee interactions. When employees are having a healthy snack, they get an opportunity to make friendships. If these friendships are made between employees from different departments, this can promote organizational productivity. Employee friendships are a strong factor in employee success since they enable employees to be more engaged with their work.

When employees share office snacks, they have quick conversations, allowing them to share ideas. Employees’ time sharing a meal also allows brainstorming, socialization, and collaboration.  

Improved Mental Health

With rising mental health issues among employees, the management is looking for ways to facilitate a healthy working environment. An essential benefit of office snacking programs is the improvement of employee mental health. Food has been a vital component in the fight for mental health.

Therefore, providing your employees with healthy office snacks options is an opportunity for your organization to enhance the mental health of your workforce. A healthy snacking option for employees can be a building block of your company culture that will help to facilitate healthy eating.


Now that you already understand that a healthy office snacks delivery service is vital to the success of your workforce, it is time to implement one if you still haven’t. Remember that food alone is not enough to change your office relationships. However, it will gradually help your employees to see that you value their well-being and that you are making an effort.

Remember that you don’t need to invest in an office snack delivery system blindly. Start with sending a company wide survey with open-ended questions that will help you understand employee preferences. The survey will also help you understand employee dislikes and help you to make changes that will appeal to them.

In today’s competitive world, employee views have shifted from high salary alone. Therefore, companies must look for ways to keep their employees engaged, productive, and appreciated. Emphasizing perks that promote employee health is one of the ways to differentiate yourself from competitors in the industry. Whatever the reasoning behind introducing a snack delivery service in your organization, be sure that you understand your goals for bringing your employees together over a shared food experience in the workplace.

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