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Think back to when you last had a super productive day, and ask yourself what was different about that day compared to any other. Could it be that you ate something different compared to normal? Maybe you don’t usually eat lunch, but that day you decided to treat yourself to a little something?

When it comes to workplace performance and the factors that contribute to it, food has a bigger impact than many of us realize. The issue is that for many of us in the business sector, there just isn’t time to eat as often as we should do. Work gets busy, which means that everything else has to take a back seat, including lunch.

For the most part, many of us see food simply as fuel and grab whatever is easiest to eat, be it a chocolate bar, a sandwich, or a piece of fruit. But the truth is that food is more than fuel, it’s brain food, and every food has a different impact on your brain.

Think of food like fuel for your car, you could use basic, cheap fuel which makes your vehicle run but does little else, or you could invest in premium quality fuel which means your car runs more efficiently and drives smoother. Food has a direct impact on cognitive performance, and thus on our productivity, which is why eating well is so important.

How does food aid productivity?

Every food is converted by the body into glucose, which is then used to help our minds focus. Which is why it can be so difficult to function on an empty stomach. Now, here’s the cool part, different foods are turned into glucose and used at different rates, which is why certain foods are known as ‘brain foods’.

Foods like pasta, bread, and sweets release their glucose quickly, which creates an energy spike followed by a slump. Then there are high-fat foods like bacon and cheese that require more work to digest, thus making us feel groggy.

What are ‘good’ foods to eat?

A study showed that the more fruits and vegetables that people eat, the more energy they tend to have, thus the more productive they tend to be. The study also showed that people who eat more fruits and vegetables also tend to be happier and less at risk of mood swings. So, when it comes to lunchtime, what are good foods to eat, aside from fruits and vegetables alone?

A salad can be a great lunch to eat; to add additional energy pop a boiled egg in there, or some nuts or seeds. A rice bowl can also be a great option, as rice offers a fantastic energy boost without making you feel sluggish. Keep your rice bowl cool (or whatever lunch you have) with a specialist thermo bowl – you can get these online from places like Thermo Boutique. That way there’s no need to worry about food poisoning.

A sandwich can also work well, just as long as it’s made on wholegrain bread and contains the ‘right’ fillings. Hummus is great, as chickpeas are a fantastic source of slow-release energy; team this with falafel, avocado, and tomatoes for a real energy boost.

Learn what foods are good for your mind, as well as your body, and you can ensure that when it comes to your lunch, you are eating things that will help you to work in a more productive manner and get more work done.

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