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Public liability insurance: crucial FAQs


Insurance is one of those financial terms that’s talked about by almost every individual at some point in their life. While speculating today’s economical market, one can find several different types of insurance securing the future of the family as well as business of tradesman and all the others. These insurance policies are quite different to each other in terms of their utilization, rules, terms and conditions, etc.

The most commonly known types include life insurance, vehicle insurance and health insurance. Surprisingly, there are several other policies are also available in the market that are equally important to safeguard the future interests of people, but very few of us know about them. One such type of policy is Public Liability Insurance. It is one of its kind and is vital for every corporate house out there and individual.

Public insurance policy can be defined as an insurance policy that protects the insurance holder in case a member of the public gets hurt or injured inside the premises of the holder’s property. When the injured individual files a case against any individual or corporate house, then it is the public liability insurer that is responsible to pay the amount to the injured party, if he wins the case. Many times, people are simply scared to invest in such insurance policies because they don’t know the answers even to the basic concepts of public liability insurance.

That is why, in today’s post, we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions about this policy.

#1 What is public liability insurance all about?

As mentioned above, public liability insurance gives the client protection coverage against any legal case or money claim made by any third party if they get injured or there is any damage being occurred to their assets while they are in the client’s property or working at their office, home or factory. It also covers the medical treatments costs and conveyance cost, in case any compensations are made.

#2 What is not included in this policy?

There are certain cases where this insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage. These clauses include injury occurred to the insurance holder or his property or any accident that has affected your employees. These kinds of situations are covered by the normal business insurance.

#3 What kind of amount should be invested in the public liability insurance?

According to the market experts, a self-employed tradesman has to evaluate his/her niche and the average risk factors that are associated. There are certain set safety and precautionary standards that are set by the authorities. One can keep these standards in mind.

#4 What can be quoted as an example of public liability insurance?

Let us take an example of a plumber. He is working in a building for tap installation. But due to his carelessness, the faucets are leaking and damaging the property. Now, in such kind of situations, the insurance company would pay for the repair works required after the damage, while the plumber has to pay some amount for the claims.

With that being said, now you know the basics of the public liability insurance. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself this policy now by contacting a public liability insurance supplier such as Tradesman Saver.

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