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It’s A (Wo)Man’s world too!


We’ve all heard the popular song from James Brown – It’s A Man’s World. We have to disagree. The evolution of women over the last century has come on leaps and bounds, and even though the world tends to say that women can do anything a man can, is that really what everyone thinks? Let’s elaborate here with 7 things that would still be frowned upon if women were to do them as well as men, and let’s prove that it’s a woman’s world too!

1. Working on a building site

Be honest with yourself, it’s very unusual to see a woman working on a building site. This might be because we don’t want to be gawked at by colleagues or misogynist passers by, or simply because we want to take a different career path. Either way, even though it’s not something we’re not allowed to do, it would certainly turn a few heads.

2. Being a trucker

Much alike working on a building site, it’s not the “norm” for women to take on a career that involves long distance driving. Much like our article, yes, there are women racing drivers, we don’t see any reason why women shouldn’t go into this industry if they are interested in it. We have the same body parts needed to drive as men, and also we have just as much business initiative to run a business that involves trucking.

If having your own fleet is something you’re interested in, Topline can offer extremely competitive prices on parts, replenishing an already existing fleet, and even equipment finance. Let’s show the world that we can do just as much as men can.

3. Drinking a beer

Seriously, what’s wrong with enjoying a beer rather than having to fork out for an expensive cocktail? This is definitely another thing that some men in particular frown at because it’s not lady like.

4. Eating anything other than a salad

Why is it that women are expected to always order the most delicate item on the menu in a restaurant? We enjoy a good steak as much as the man we came in with and we think we should definitely be allowed to eat it without being called greedy or be whispered about.

5.   Not wearing much (if any) makeup

Comments are still made that are extremely sexist like “I like how you don’t wear much makeup”. While they might think it’s a compliment, it’s actually coming across that he’s noticed you don’t wear it and it’s something he’d expect from a woman. Nope!

6.   Have a sense of humour

Believe it or not, women love a good laugh as much as men do and just because we tend to veer away from crude jokes, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have a sense of humour. Pick your brain out of the toilet for a moment and you’ll see that we’re actually pretty funny.

Are there any other examples that you can think of where women are frowned upon for doing something? Let us know below!

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