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Event management 101 for rookies


If you are planning on getting the word out about your new business, taking part in a networking event or organizing your launch party is a great idea. If you have no experience in event management and would like everything to go smoothly, you have two options. You could get a professional to take care of everything, including lighting, promotional materials, and catering, or save money and do it yourself. If you decide to embark on the journey of organizing your own event, read the below guide.

Make a list

If you want everything to go smoothly, create a checklist for your event and follow the steps. An event planning checklist can help you manage orders, contractors, and resources. It will make it easier to keep an eye on deadlines and important steps, such as sending out invitations, ordering promotional materials, and managing your finances.

Keep it cheap

If you want to get noticed, you don’t have to invest into an expensive professional booth or tent. You can get Pop Up Bars  that fold up and you can use them over and over again. You can do most of your marketing online, and hire a large display to feature your best work or greatest achievements, instead of spending hundreds on printed materials that will end up in the waste basket in just a few hours.

Stand out from the crowd

Putting an event together is hard work. You want to make the most out of the money spent and the time you invested. If you want your event look professional, you must have your logo and best work displayed everywhere possible. You need to focus on branding your company, and this includes creating some marketing materials that make people remember you. Use bright colors and memorable headlines.

Encourage people to stop

You must make the most out of your opportunity to connect with potential customers. Every advanced event planner will tell you that the main aim of events is to get the word out about your services and offers. Instead of sitting back, you should take the initiative and start conversations with people. If you are attending a large networking event, you can try and sign up a speaker to make people remember you and your specialty.

Collect cards

Without a clear goal, you cannot measure the success of your event. Make sure that you collect cards from potential clients and partners, and follow up after the meetings. Remind them of your company, your services, and offer special deals if they sign up for your newsletter or book a consultation. This way, you can make your event deliver you new clients for many years to come. Think of your event as a long term investment. Make sure you measure response rates and track new clients coming to your business thanks to your event marketing efforts.

Once you have organized your first event, you must reflect on the feedback and the results, and learn from your mistakes. Make adjustments next time to improve your communication and engagement, and you are on the right path to turning events into great marketing opportunities.

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