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How to choose the best tech for your business


As a business owner, there are probably so many different tech solutions available to you it makes your head spin. From accounting programs to data organisation to HR management software, there are so many options that investing in any of it can feel pretty nerve-wracking. The good news is that you’ve made the first step of realising that these programs aren’t all created equal. The next stage is researching individual solutions and figuring out which one’s best for your specific needs. Here, I’ve put together a brief guide for figuring out which solutions are right for you.

User experience

The first thing you need to consider is the quality of the user experience. As the head of your business, I’m sure you’ll agree that having full control is imperative to your success. When it comes to tech, you should be able to do what you want, when you want, and where you want. If your technology is tainted by all kinds of faults and interruptions, you’ll end up with a lot of stress and lost time.

The best way for you to achieve this kind of flexibility is using a SaaS (software as a service) platform. This tech solution will let you use a sophisticated user interface across a wide range of devices, and helps to maximise your productivity. This platform will also allow you to access and use applications from anywhere you want using internet browsers. This can be extremely useful in the fast-paced, mobile world of modern business.

Plan for change

Paying attention to the software’s capabilities, and how they’re expected to change over time, is another important step. The methods and conventions in a modern workplace are constantly changing with the times, and so is technology as a whole. With this in mind, it’s extremely important to choose tech solutions which will keep up with the evolution of your firm and the niche it exists in.

Most modern cloud-based platforms are designed with scalability in mind, in order to meet the growing demands of the company’s customers. This means that as the company evolves and expands into different operations, new features and functions can be integrated smoothly with no disruption to your user experience.

When you pick out the right cloud solutions, the vendor will take care of all the system updates and technical issues as soon as they come up, making sure their product is in a constant state of improvement. With this kind of arrangement in place, you can spend far less time worrying about technical hiccups and IT support, and focus on pushing your business towards greater success.


Accessibility is another important thing to consider when you’re looking to buy new software. This takes us back to my point about SaaS infrastructures. One of the biggest benefits of these kinds of platforms is that they can be accessed from any device and any location. This means that you can give your employees access to the platform no matter where they’re operating from, and discuss different files without having to call them into the office. You’re also able to do the same thing with any business partners who may need access to the applications on your SaaS platform.

Making sure all your tech tools are accessible also means that it will be easier for you to manage tasks when you’re out of the office. Moving from more traditional tech solutions to a cloud-based platform may sound like a hassle, and to begin with it probably will be! However, once all of your employees are used to the new way of running things, you’ll notice an improvement in productivity almost immediately. However, there’s one big danger with accessible software. When you choose tech which can be accessed from anywhere, you’ll also be opening yourself up to all kinds of cybersecurity threats. This brings me onto my next point…


Security is another big consideration you should take whenever you’re looking to buy new tools for your business. Your employee’s personal identifiable information, along with your financial data and your customer’s payment details are all extremely important. In 2016, small businesses are up against all kinds of cyber threats, and if any of this important data is compromised, you could have a full-blown disaster on your hands.

Sure, the main cyber-attacks you hear about have all been against large corporations. However, small, relatively unknown businesses are still big targets for a lot of modern hackers. The stereotype in the cybercrime underworld is that small businesses have more valuable assets and less security in place, making them soft targets. This may be true for some of your competitors, but you need to make sure it isn’t for you!

You’ll probably remember the big panic about cloud-based tech being open to hackers when businesses and individuals first started using it. Since then, security has become a major priority for many cloud providers, so you probably won’t have to worry about these tools. When it comes to other tools that will store important data, be sure to grill the vendor on the kind of security it has. Looking up some reliable, impartial reviews is also a good idea.

Customer service and support

Finally, consider the customer service and support offered by the software vendor. Yes, there are some truly fantastic business tools available to small business owners. However, none of it is perfect, and whatever you buy you’re going to run into some problems here and there. When these problems arise, good customer service can change everything. Every software provider with the slightest grip on their marketing will claim that they provide fantastic customer service.

As you can imagine, you’re going to need to dig a little deeper to ensure you’re getting what you pay for! Go looking for some impartial reviews, and find out how much live help you’ll have access to during day-to-day operations. If possible, talk to some other business owners who have been established longer than you have, and ask them about their experiences. With any luck, they will have tried many different tools, and will be happy to point you towards the right ones.


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