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The old saying is dress for the job you want, not the job you’ve got. But how to dress for the job you want is the question… how do you make sure your wardrobe works to secure that job and communicate your abilities.

What breaks my heart is seeing a woman who invests the same amount of time, skill experience and hard work as other women — yet sees she’s missing out on the dream jobs and all the opportunities because her image is letting her down.

I’ll illustrate this with a story. A friend in HR was down to two applicants for a role. Both applicants had the same level of experience, skills set and strengths. The first woman walked in and she looked nice. But she was wearing ill-fitting pants and scruffy flats. The second woman walked in and she was wearing an outstanding outfit with a unique bag. My friend said, “As soon as she walked through the door, I knew it was her.” I said “Why?” And she said, “Because she looked believable.”

Here are my three tips to take on board when you’re dressing for the job you want:

Research the dress code

If you get a chance, slip into the building and see what everyone is wearing. This way you can get a feel of the company culture and understand what other employees are wearing. Alternatively, jump online and see what the standard of dress code is for executives and dress accordingly.

Reflect your abilities

Ensure your image is a true reflection of your abilities. If you’re a leader go in walking and dressing like a leader. Wear an outfit that makes you stand out and has a unique point of difference. If you’re creative, have fun with your outfit and show your creative abilities through your clothing and accessories.

Fit in…but stand out

It’s important to dress to fit in, but to also stand out. Ensure that you’re adhering to the company dress code but never ever compromise on your own personal style.

If you do all three tips, it will ensure you’re dressing for the job you want.

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