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EVA case customizing: the benefits for your sensitive products


This guide outlines why a customized EVA case design can present your products more professionally.

If you are a manufacturer of sensitive equipment that need protective cases to get carried around, custom EVA case designs are perfect for you. EVA hard cases are rigid and durable, which makes them ideal for housing sensitive products. They are a lightweight alternative for hard cases without compromising the protective capabilities. EVA foam cases usually get covered with materials that increase friction with other surfaces as well as improve the longevity of the case. The outer materials also offer the opportunity for you to get creative with the designing of the case.

EVA case customization

Many companies in America make excellent quality Custom EVA cases for manufacturers now. Here are some aspects that you must consider while choosing the right custom case maker for your product.

Customization of EVA case design

As a manufacturer, you would want to customize the inside and outside of the cases to suit your requirements. Customization of the cases is not only essential for the longevity of your product, but it can also work towards the promotion of your brand. Although there are many EVA storage case makers in the country, only a few would be able to make completely customized cases according to your specific needs. That is why it is necessary to understand if the EVA case producer can manufacture the products according to your specifications.

Pricing for custom EVA case designs

Although custom made EVA molded cases might be pricier than standard EVA cases available off the shelf, yet it is one of the fundamental aspects to consider. Although there are many eco-friendly options available for cases, none can match the price, protection, or durability of the EVA case design. When considering the price, ensure that the cost justifies the quality of the case. As a manufacturer, the quality of the case you provide will be judged by the end consumer equally as your product. Choosing an inferior case for a lower price can prove costly for your brand image.

Assurance of quality

The assurance of quality is an important aspect. As we mentioned before that the quality of the case would also affect your brand image. Therefore you should check the EVA case maker’s reputation before discussing the project with them. Reading online reviews can shed some light on the reliability of the custom case maker. You can also ask other manufacturers of your industry for references. Ensure that the company you choose has adequate quality control measures for their incoming raw materials as well as quality tests at the end of production. Finished cases must undergo rigorous quality control checks before they get sent to you.

Identify customer’s requirements

As a manufacturer, you must identify your customers’ needs from a product’s case, since that will decide the customization factors of your case. Other than snugly housing your product, a customer might expect a few other features from the case, such as a smooth zipper, extra pockets, waterproof exteriors, so on and so forth. You will need to convey those specifications to your EVA case manufacturer. You must also identify the designing factors that will make your case popular with your target market.

Production capability

Production capability is an essential factor to consider if you think of long term relationships with the EVA case manufacturer. Even if your initial orders are small, they might grow over time. You must ensure that the manufacturer you choose to work with will be able to handle large productions for custom EVA cases. The last thing you want is to finish production yourself and having to wait for the cases to send the equipment to the market. Since EVA cases get made with custom molds, the company must have the infrastructure to produce a certain number of cases every day.

Legally compliant EVA cases

Ensure that the manufacturer you choose is compliant with all the state and federal laws regarding the production of EVA cases. The American government has many rules and regulations regarding the manufacture of EVA foam to reduce the harmful effects on the environment. Check the compliance with the EVA case maker before you give them a go ahead with production. You don’t want the manufacturer to have to shut down while in the middle of a large order from you.

Reputable manufacturers in America would be more than willing to share details of their licenses, quality control documents, environmental certifications, and other approvals. That is also a clear indicator of their honesty and transparency and help in establishing a trustworthy business relationship.


As a manufacturer, keeping these factors in mind while choosing a custom EVA case maker will ensure that you get the best possible enclosure for your products.

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