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How women can lead with integrity in the business world


If you’re a woman working in an environment that values and respects your leadership skills, consider yourself fortunate. You should also give yourself a standing ovation because being a highly revered leader in business takes tremendous skill and effort, and especially ensuring you lead with integrity. 

Furthermore, being a female boss in business poses unique challenges such as workplace discrimination, which potentially makes your job even more difficult. As a woman in business, you may have far more advantages today than in the past, but you’re likely to still struggle in the pursuit to be the best business leader you can be.  

How to lead with integrity: the key checklist of approaches

Being a great leader as a female in business requires tact, sophistication, and skill. Now more than ever, businesswomen are required to make sound judgments about being both assertive and supportive in leadership roles. This may seem like a precarious balancing act for many women, but it can be done. Most strong business women will attest that superior leaders are guided by integrity. It’s not always easy, but if you’re like many women who excel at their profession, the rewards of being a successful, high-integrity leader are endless.  Read on for tips about being a leader with uncompromising integrity as a strong woman in business.  

Lead by Example

We hear that phrase all the time, but what does it really mean? At its simplest, it means practicing what you preach.  If you’re a stickler about your employees meeting deadlines, taking responsibility, and showing up for weekly team meetings on time, then you need to do the same.  As the boss, your coworkers are watching every step you make. So if you set high standards for your staff, be prepared to follow your own edicts. 

Build a Community

Women in business often have a unique ability to relate to their clients and coworkers, which often facilitates a sense of community in the workplace. This is essential to have a smooth-running team and a successful business.  Why? Because employees are more motivated to produce better results when they feel like part of the business family. 

As a leader, you can improve engagement by encouraging conversations and motivating employees to participate in group functions.  Find ways for coworkers to contribute to a common cause that is agreeable to everyone. For example, establish a fundraiser where employees get excited about giving online to churches or charitable foundations.  Inspiring coworkers to come together for a common goal instills purpose, stimulates conversation, and augers a strong community environment in the workplace.

Stick to Your Values

Successful female business leaders aren’t born. They are created. If you’re a woman in a position of power, it’s unlikely you were simply given that opportunity.  Odds are, you followed a clear work ethic and toiled extremely hard to get where you are in your field. Furthermore, you probably obtained your prestigious position by sticking to your core values.  Navigating through the tough choices and stress in business is challenging.  And abiding by a strong moral code is vital to maneuvering through the unpredictable, high-pressure world of business.

Sensitivity is an Asset

Women are frequently and incorrectly labeled as emotional, and that trait is often frowned upon in the business world. In truth, a woman’s sensitivity is her best asset in leading a team.  As a leader in your field, your sensitivity towards your clients and coworkers is a significant business advantage.  Leading a team effectively means providing support, active listening, and open communication.  Remember your emotions and intuition are superior assets in conducting business and building a harmonious workplace.

Strike the Right Balance

The key to being an uncompromising businesswoman is attaining harmony between heart and hardcore attitude. In other words, it takes empathy balanced with assertiveness to manage a team. This is especially true in the heat of the moment when time constraints are crushing, and department heads are grousing about the latest numbers.

As a businesswoman, you need both strength and sensitivity when dealing with employees and clients.  Balancing these characteristics is crucial. Too assertive, and you may appear like a tyrant.  Conversely, if you’re too nice, you might be viewed as a pushover.  Striking the right balance with your leadership style is critical to gaining respect from your employees and having a fluid work environment.


Being the boss under the best circumstances can be daunting. But being a female leader in the business world can be downright harrowing.  Therefore, bear in mind that positive outcomes in business are better rendered when you lead with integrity. As you continue to follow your moral code and apply level-headed judgment, your role as a leader will continue to enrich the workplace and yield measurable results in your business.  

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