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Instagram marketing is getting harder. This is what you can do about it


Many Instagram users are claiming that they are struggling to be seen on this ever-growing, and ever-changing platform. With the chronological newsfeed long-gone, Instagram has moved to an algorithmic feed very similar to that of Facebook. In non-tech speak? It means that Instagram is determining whether or not your posts are ‘worthy’ of being seen by your followers before they show in their newsfeeds.

Instagram is a fantastic platform to use to strengthen your personal brand, find new potential clients and customers, and these benefits certainly aren’t lost on the majority. Make sure to check this ultimate guide on how to grow your business using Instagram.

But most of us are still wondering – how can I make Instagram ‘work’ for me again? In this article, I’ll be sharing with you three key strategies that you can start implementing right now to improve your Instagram Marketing results.

3 Instagram strategies to implement now for growth

1. Use instagram stories to your advantage

Have you ever watched an Instagram Story? They’re fun, in-the-moment photos and videos shared by all types of Instagrammers.

One of the best ways to implement this feature in your own Instagram Marketing Strategy is to hint at what your next post is going to be about, and then to share a teaser once you’ve posted to drive traffic to your Instagram feed.

BONUS TIP: If you have over 10,000 Instagram followers, you can link to a website in your Instagram Story! This is great for getting more views on blog content and sales pages. 

2. Engage with other users on instagram

If you are currently posting to Instagram, adding a few hashtags, and waiting for people to come to you… you need to change your approach.

It is SO important that you take at least 10-15 minutes either prior to or just after posting to simply leave likes and comments on the most-recent posts in the Hashtags you are using.


Because those people who have also just recently posted are most likely to still be on Instagram, or near their phone, and would just love to see a genuine comment or a few likes from an account that hasn’t engaged with them before.

Share the engagement to get engagement – makes sense right?

BONUS TIP: Make sure you’re using all 30 Hashtags available to you in each post, and have a rotating list of 3 separate hashtag lists to ensure that Instagram doesn’t catch you using the exact same Hashtags over and over again… otherwise they’ll be rendered practically useless! 

3. Share only the best content you have

When it comes to our personal Facebook pages, we’re all guilty of sharing a not-so high quality snap. It’s a bit blurry, a bit small, but it’ll do. It’s only our personal accounts – it’s appropriate.

But on a platform like Instagram, especially when used for business, every single post counts.

Instagram is a place for perfection – beautiful, high-resolution images, and carefully composed images.

With the Instagram algorithm being re-focused towards high-quality content and genuine interactions, as an Instagram Marketer I’d recommend sharing just one perfect post every single day.

BONUS TIP: If you find that your account gets little to no engagement on a certain day of the week, for example, Saturday, then don’t post! Every time you post and it does badly it will affect the results for your future posts as your ‘ranking’ will have dropped in the Instagram algorithm.

Did you enjoy these strategies?

One key thing I’d love for you to remember as you go ahead and begin implementing is to test and adjust your strategy regularly.

Don’t follow the crowd when they say that X time is the best to post – you need to be carefully reviewing your own unique analytics and audience data to ensure that you are creating the best possible content for YOUR followers.

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