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Is your business under fire?


If your business is in the firing line, then we know your stress levels are going to be through the roof. Sometimes, for many different reasons, a business will go through a time where it is being scrutinised by either the public eye, legal services, or other companies. Whichever one you’re struggling with, we’re here to help. We want to try and get your business out of the spotlight as soon as possible. Here are three ways that your business could come under fire, and what we think you should do to stop it.


The public can be the absolute worst to your company. Whilst they might be your customers, and they might be essential to the process of becoming successful, they’re a sensitive group of people. So many different companies are struggling at the minute. Take the UK company Newlook for example. They’re in the firing line as it was found that plus sized clothing was 15% more expensive than normal clothes. Ever since, it has been criticized multiple times, and the company has pledged to lower the price of their clothing. Something with a similar clothing brand, H&M, happened with their marketing scheme. They marketed a top that said ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ with the model being a young black child. So,the moral of the story here is, you always need to be so super sensitive about what you’re putting out to the public. You should have a HR department checking everything, and you should always deal with any problems so swiftly, and always in the way that’s going to please the public. 

Legal services

You’re bound to be took to court at some point, no matter how minor the reason is. There’s just so many different people that you could possibly upset, as we’ve said. The main reason a company goes to court is over a dispute, one that can’t be resolved without legal help. So, one thing we recommend is getting corporate law solicitors to help you out, and oversee that the case runs as quickly and as smoothly as possible. If you are taken to court, there’s obviously going to be fees involved, and time away from the company that you might not ever have wanted to happen. If you’re taking someone else to court, make sure you have a viable reason to do so, and make sure it’s over as quickly as possible. 

Other companies

If you’re coming under fire from other companies, then we definitely know you’re going to be in a whole lot of stress. Usually, it’ll because a contract isn’t met, or because they’ll feel as though you’re copying their products or services. So, if it’s because contracts aren’t being met your end, you need to make sure you’re streamlining your processes to ensure they are. A contract is a legal document, and one that you don’t want to ignore! If it’s due to them believing you’re copying their services or products, then tweak them slightly. You should try and keep your business as unique as you possibly can!

There are many other ways that you might come into the firing line, just make sure you’re dealing with it as quickly as effectively as possible.

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