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How to find LSAT prep materials to help you succeed


Entering law school, one of the biggest challenges to overcome is the LSAT. This is a standardized test that aspiring law students need to take. There’s no way to sugarcoat the difficulty of this test. It’s mentally taxing, and preparing for it can be overwhelming. However, if you put in the right amount of effort and with the help of the right materials, you can easily breeze through this specific exam.

Having the proper study resources is the fine line that separates quality studying from something that just completely wastes your time. With that being said, here are tips on how to find the best LSAT prep materials.

  1. Ask law students

If you happen to know of people who are currently in law school, don’t be shy to ask them about which materials they used while preparing for the LSAT. Having already gone through the said exam themselves, and successfully at that, they are the right people to ask regarding the right study materials and references. As a bonus, these students may even give you additional tips on how to effectively study for the LSAT.

  1. Ask lawyers

If you’ve got relatives or friends who are lawyers, you can obviously count on them as well. The fact that they already passed the bar exam, one of the most difficult professional exams, you can certainly rely on their tips. Because they’ve already made their way inside the industry, lawyers are also one of the first ones to be updated on the latest and best study materials, which are relevant in the current state of affairs.

  1. Factor in your study preferences

Each LSAT material has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll realize this after receiving two to three recommendations. To narrow down your options even further (best if you stick to just two reference materials), you have to take into consideration your personal study preferences as well. Remember that no two people study and learn the same way — what may work for another person may not work for you.

Browse through your study material options before you decide on purchasing one. You have to pick the one with a format and style that works best for your study plan, otherwise,  you’re only going to have a tough time dealing with the whole material.

  1. Get tips from law schools you’re applying to

As you go to the school’s registrar, it works to your advantage to ask for tips as to which LSAT materials are most helpful to use. Generally, they’ll be able to give you suggestions as to their preferred LSAT resources. In addition to that, each law school has its own set of requirements, as well as its own LSAT score standards. The knowledge of the said guidelines can help you filter out your LSAT prep material options.

The LSAT is divided into different sections as well as different scoring systems. With the right materials, you’ll have something to match the difficulty of each section, and also each of your strengths.

Here are the various test sections you ought to prepare for:

  • Logical reasoning or arguments
  • Analytical reasoning or logic games
  • Reading comprehension
  • Variable section
  • Writing sample
  1. Research on the internet

During instances where some of the recommended study materials aren’t available just yet, take the time to research on the Internet, which still stands as one of your best resources. When you go to Google, there are many websites that will give you comparisons between LSAT prep materials. You can also find feedback and information as to what may be good and what may not be helpful to you at all. Take the time to read through such pieces of information, and narrow down your options from there.

  1. Enroll in an LSAT prep course

When your personal efforts seem to not work, you’ve still got an LSAT prep course to run to. While this means added expenses, it’s also one of the best ways for you to ensure that you’re studying with the best materials. This can be really helpful especially if you’re not the type who can study efficiently on your own, without the help of an instructor. Browse through your study material options like Udacity, Course Heroes, OneClass, or Studocu, before you decide on purchasing one.

Choosing the best LSAT prep materials can help you pass this grueling exam. More than anything else, remember that this is only the beginning. If you’re really serious about making it well in law school, you need to realize as early as now that the exams are only going to get even more difficult as you go. It’s important that even in the application process, you already have the right mindset, and this begins with learning how to choose the most useful and effective resource materials.

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