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Must-have items for women travel bloggers


When you’re a travel blogger, you start to realize the importance of only packing the essential items and realizing what items are necessary for your trip. With certain objects making your entire travel experience a whole lot easier, it is essential to make sure you have these items if you’re a female travel blogger:


Forget about going around carrying large suitcases and having to drag luggage around with you. When you’re a frequent traveler, you start to realize how much more convenient travel backpacks are to take you on your adventures. Not only is it ideal in terms of space, but it also offers you the ability to have your hands free to be able to move around more conveniently, not having to worry about cobblestone, or having to have a separate backpack for hiking or camping. It is also a great item for female travelers too, as it has many different compartments that allows easy access to important items without having to open up and rummage through all your belongings when you need a specific item.

Travel money pouch

Being a female travel blogger means that you travel on a regular basis and can be easily identified as a tourist anywhere you go. That’s why it is essential to carry around a travel money pouch to keep your money and important documents safe. There are different options available according to the type of safety and usability you’re looking for, but the common thing about all travel money pouches is that they give you the ability to hide your money underneath your clothing without it being noticed, keeping it safe even when you go to sleep.


Being a female travel blogger means that you probably end up sleeping in hostels, go camping or find yourself on a complete stranger’s couch to help you save up on accommodation as much as possible. So, how do you ensure your belongings are safe when people you don’t know can have access to your items when you’re not around? Locking your items with a padlock will guarantee that no one can go through your stuff and that they’re relatively kept safe.

Microfiber towel

Not every destination offers you a towel and with the kind of accommodation you end up booking, you might not be sure of their cleanliness. So, to ensure your comfort and safety in terms of hygiene, it is essential to bring your own towel. Instead of carrying a heavy towel that takes up room and weight, a microfiber towel will be your new favourite travel item. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also fast-dry and will prevent all your belongings from having a smelly scent as you can store it away once it dries, instead.

Must-have items for women travel bloggers

Female travel blogging requires you to be on the move quite often. For that reason, it is essential to be able to pack minimally, move around freely and ensure that your belongings are always in safe keeping to make your travel experience not only more convenient, but a whole lot more comfortable.

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