Marketing team structure: what roles do you need to hire for?


This guide outlines the roles you should consider hiring to create a strong marketing team structure that will amplify your brand.

An effective marketing team is one of the most important assets a company can have. In fact, a market team is vital for a company’s growth and ability to create revenue. Their efforts determine whether or not customers can discover your brand and its products.

The marketing department is the source of dozens of the most famous brands and their slogans. Whether it’s Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan, Dove’s “Real Beauty” or the sheer brand recognizability of McDonalds and its famous “Golden Arches”, marketing and advertising teams are the heartbeat of a successful and ambitious company. 

If you want people to learn what your brand is about, you need a great marketing team. While the size and resources of your company can determine how many different roles and niches your marketing team can have, essentially, every marketing business in today’s world requires similar roles and structures.

What roles should a marketing team include?

The size of your company plays a big part in how you structure your marketing team. Massive companies that employ more than a thousand people will have a vastly different structure from a small business that employs a hundred. The bigger your company, the more you can afford to create whole departments with teams of specialists for every marketing need.  We’re going to assume that while you’re ambitious, you may not be rivaling the world’s top companies ( at least not yet). 

In that case, the team should have generalists who know enough about other areas so that they can step in, provide assistance and keep the marketing ball rolling as well as the niche knowledge of their own role.

Content marketing manager

No matter what business or industry you’re in, without great leadership you’re going to be going nowhere slowly. That’s why having a content marketing manager is so important. They take responsibility for every aspect of your marketing and provide the direction for your team and its marketing efforts.

Not only should this person know enough about every other role to direct them, but they should come with great soft skills. Time management, people skills, being level-headed as well as a great communicator and a quick thinker are all important.

Be sure to make sure that this person also only has this one role. The ability to wear many hats is a great quality, but in order for your marketing team to succeed, you need to allow this person to concentrate on this role alone. 

This person is going to have a whole host of responsibilities. This can range from developing strategies, making sure content is up to scratch, and monitoring and improving all aspects of your marketing campaigns. Your content manager will be dealing with a lot, so they need to be able to handle pressure and always have their eye on the ball.

Content writer

The internet is built on content. Google, specifically, places increasing value on high-quality content that engages, informs, and educates its more than 4 billion usersIf you’re in digital marketing, you know that what matters to Google matters in marketing. That’s why a Content Writer is so important. 

As a brand, your Content Writer is responsible for the various, long form copy that your company creates to attract customers and potential clients. White papers, web copy, newsletters, text for social media, and even eBooks are all types of written content your writer needs to be versed in.

Depending on the complexity of your service, you may even have to create blog posts that explain your service or what you have to offer. This means you’ll have to hire a content writer that either knows about technical content writing or hire the best technical writers that already have the skills you require.

With the increasing importance of SEO, having a writer with SEO knowledge as well as being a natural, versatile, and articulate writer is going to make your marketing a lot more effective. Well-written, SEO-oriented content is the best way to attract traffic and therefore customers, to your website. At that point, you’ve almost won the marketing battle already.

Graphic designer

A Graphic Designer is vital for establishing the visual aspect of what your brand looks and feels like.  They’re going to be a part of any visual marketing communication you create. This is vital given how naturally visually orientated humans are. A great graphic designer can help you target the part of our brains that is drawn to images, creativity, and color.

Aside from being able to help you develop the material you need to market your brand or products it helps if your graphic designer has UX knowledge. This will allow them to help your web designers and apply the increasingly valuable visual communication principles to other aspects of your marketing.


If a Content Writer is what gets someone to your brand, a copywriter (with the help of a good designer) is what sells your product or service. Their words act as the bridge between interest and purchase. 

Content writers tend to write much longer, in-depth pieces of content as part of a singular story or narrative. Copywriters strip all that down to its bare basics and often wind up only having a sentence or two to sell you on the idea of something.

What sounds simple, can actually wind up being incredibly complex. Take Nike’s “Believe in something” advertising campaignWhat may seem like an incredibly controversial campaign, accompanied by copy reading “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything” and Nike’s iconic “Just do it.” slogan, it proved to be incredibly popular. According to some reports, the campaign resulted in a $6 billion increase in market valueShort, emotive, and moving copy, managed to encourage a flurry of sales. 

That’s how persuasive effective copywriting can be. In less than two sentences, a great copywriter can tell a story that convinces an audience about why your brand can add value to their lives.


With as much as 80% of the internet said to be video, having a dedicated videographer to help you create quality video content is going to go a long way. Humans are such visual creatures that video content is the best way to capture attention, tell a story, and capture the imagination. Due to its highly shareable nature, the engagement factor of video can help drive a massive amount of brand awareness.

Not only is video a great tool for advertising, but having video content can help you build trust with your potential customers and boost your brand reputation. In today’s heavily video-orientated world, high-quality video content is a must.

Social media manager

In 2021, over 3.5 billion people all over the world used social media. As far as things go, percentage-wise, that’s nearly half the entire world. That’s a lot of potential eyes. 

A good social media manager will develop a strategy to create relevant, engaging, and attractive content for whatever audience, on whatever platform you need. They’re aware of the latest trends and how to exploit these to drive traffic and interest in your brand.

Additionally, they can take content created by your writers, designers, and videographers and spin it into other content for social media. They should also have the ability to create content schedules and track the performance of each campaign.

Various marketing tools allow social media managers to better manage their content. They also integrate tracking and analytics to make this process easier and more effective. While this won’t replace a full team with specialized knowledge about each platform, it does make it simpler and easier if you can only afford to hire one person.

SEO manager

SEO is quickly becoming a must-have in any business, let alone in a quality and ambitious marketing team. Search Engine Optimization has to do with the way that Google ranks your website, its pages and your content on its search results page. It does this by focusing on creating optimized, keyword-driven, quality content as well as making sure you are easy to find online.

One of the most important things in SEO is driving traffic to your site, as well as making sure potential customers spend as much time there as possible, with as few obstacles as possible. Getting this right, more often than not, leads directly to sales and conversions.

Your SEO manager or specialist needs to be able to understand almost every aspect of online content creation, from Content Writing to UX, and even some technical skills like CSS and HTML. They’re as analytical as they are creative and are problem solvers at heart.

Selecting an SEO manager is one of the most important aspects of creating a marketing team. It’s their insights and analytics that can determine the overall strategy of your marketing team. If a modern business wants to succeed, having someone with SEO skills is non-negotiable.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, as you go about creating your marketing team, the most important thing to take into account, aside from these roles, are the soft skills they should come with. Having carefully selected candidates for these roles is a great first step to ensuring your marketing team is built for success. That step won’t get you very far if you don’t consider all the soft skills required to make a marketing team work. Especially at a smaller to medium business level.

Combining the right hires, for the right roles with the right skills and good leadership is a recipe for success that tends to stand the test of time.  Even in today’s increasingly digital, remote-based marketing world.

Ryan Fick is a Cape Town-based, internationally raised, opinionated writer who is passionate about politics, and social justice and a firm believer in the link between “Amandla” and “Awethu”. With a background in Journalism, Travel, and all-around Content Writing, as well as a burgeoning interest in all things SEO. He is a perpetual knowledge seeker who knows enough to know he doesn’t know it all.

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