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Affiliate marketing for women entrepreneurs


Although gender equality has blurred the lines between traditional roles, women still tend to be relied upon to take on board the bulk of domestic tasks, especially where rearing children is concerned. But this aspect of modern life, coupled with the all-pervasive availability of technology to make things more convenient, can also present opportunities to the budding entrepreneur.

Obviously, there are women who still manage to balance careers in different locations with their home lives, but many still do put their jobs on hold, if only temporarily.


Despite the image of women as ‘housewives’, as if what is being discussed is some vision of the 1950s, females are tremendously successful at running businesses. Statistics have revealed well over nine million are operated by women in the USA. Not only are they managing to turnover a diverse range of successful enterprises, they are doing so while raising a family. They demonstrate verve and determination in making key business decisions to drive their areas of commerce forward within the overall context of busy domestic schedules. All that a lot of their male counterparts have to be concerned about are the logistics of the daily commute to the office.

Affiliate marketing

It’s technology more than anything which allows women to set up meaningful ways to generate income from the comfort of their home surrounds. In this day and age, there are templates which make it relatively straightforward to put together blogs. Many women have set these up to focus on aspects of their home life – motherhood, health topics, exercise regimes, dietary concerns – but by doing so perhaps a smaller number recognize they have just laid the foundation for an affiliate marketing business which could generate considerable income through a commission of sales. In short, they have the basic tools at their disposal for a potentially lucrative CPA network.


As a business model, it is one of the simplest there is. The marketer signs-up to an affiliate program, entitling them to sell products on behalf of a retailer. This is often described as a win-win situation because the marketer can set up their business at very low cost, and is not involved in anything like stock control or providing customer support, while the advertiser devolves all the responsibility of promotion to their many affiliates.

Of course, there is no real distinction between what female entrepreneurs can set out to achieve compared with males in the context of affiliate marketing. But they are in a position to capitalize on niche areas, and these lie at the heart of successful – and lucrative – affiliate strategies.

The actual product the entrepreneur chooses to sell is less important than their ability to sell it. Say, for instance, you are running a blog about health and wellbeing. The obvious products to consider would be vitamin supplements or exercise equipment or nutritious diets. In order to sell these items, the key would be to write engaging web content and share it with friends, inviting them to review the products and enthuse about them.

By harnessing the power of social media you can quickly generate interest in the product you are blogging about. When this translates into people clicking-through the advertiser links on your pages and sales are made, you can sit back and watch the commission rolling in.

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