How the media are failing Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama has built a strong reputable brand quite separately from that of her husband — who just happens to be the outgoing US President.

Michelle is an outspoken advocate for a range of issues including breaking down socio-economic barriers for girls and childhood obesity. She has been hugely instrumental in bringing these issues into the spotlight and raising public awareness of them.

On the topic of the soon to be ex-First Lady, the media are riding the US election wave with stories about how much Michelle will be missed. However some of the headlines like this one below from The Huffington Post are very concerning and make me wonder whether people really do understand how much of an amazing role model she was (and still is?).




Oh but it doesn’t stop there, USA Today and E Online did the same. Just Google Michelle Obama.






The articles give a nice gallery of the amazing gowns the First Lady has worn at State Dinners. But a gallery of her groundbreaking achievements within the community would serve our next generation of girls better, don’t you think?

In a world obsessed with looks being more important than social or economic impact, this is our time to take role models such as Michelle Obama and show girls and women that it IS possible to make a difference, have morals and be a great wife and mother.

A better headline could be “Michelle Obama leaves her mark as the most influential First Lady in US history while looking glamorous”

We could showcase her achievements and — if they must — descend into a Fashion Police rundown of all the designer gowns she wore (that the everyday girl would have no chance of acquiring herself).

Showcasing women of influence is key if we are to change the mindset and the negative impact of outlets such as Instagram and the clickbait celebrity media to develop a generation of strong minded, educated and socially minded women.


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