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How much internet speed do I need? It depends on the type of user


How much internet speed do I need is a question every business owner wonders on a regular basis. The short answer: Your internet must be good enough to keep in pace with your business requirements. Speed is one of the main criteria to determine the reliability of internet service for your business. In order to determine if your internet speed is good enough, you must first realize what kind of internet user you are. Then you will be able to find out if your current internet connection is fast enough.

How much internet speed do I need?

This realization is also necessary in order to find out if your current internet connection is even worth paying for or not.  For instance, if your business is in a rural area, you might find it challenging to find a reliable and fast internet provider. There aren’t many companies that can provide this coverage; however, Wahoo 4G Internet, covers almost all the rural areas in the U.S. Their 4G LTE Wireless Internet is the perfect option for you.

What type of internet user is your business?

If you use the internet very actively and have to be online all the time, you obviously need a faster internet connection. However, you should not be spending a lot of money over a high-speed internet connection if you are not involved in many online activities. Here is a look at all the online activities and their required internet speeds to help you decide the best internet service to suit your needs.

Basic internet use

Your business is  a light user if you are involved in common online activities like email, web surfing, etc. The internet speed you require to carry these activities properly ranges from 5 to 10 Mbps.  If you are among those who do not use the internet very often then you must go for more cost-effective basic internet packages. For reference, you can check out some amazing starter internet packages by clicking here Besides you can upgrade to a higher speed internet connection whenever you want. Most providers allow you to switch between different packages without paying any additional fees.

Average internet use

Your business is a moderate internet user if you perform all the basic internet activities along with any one of the activities that require a faster internet. This may include video streaming of your webinars or events in HD, video conferencing, etc. The ideal internet speed that you might require for such purpose ranges from 10 to 30 Mbps. Therefore, you must choose internet packages that offer internet speeds in this range at the most convenient speeds and easy on pocket.

Heavy use

You are an excessive internet user if you carry out all the basic internet activities along with at least two activities that require a faster internet connection. These activities might include video streaming and video conferencing simultaneously. The internet speeds that you would usually require ranges from 30 Mbps and greater as much as up to 100 Mbps or more. For all the users who want to watch videos online, play online games, and download movies and songs on a regular basis; you want a fast speed internet and should not mind paying a little more for a faster connection as it is much needed to carry out your internet habits smoothly. It is advisable to consider internet plans with no data caps so that the downloading is not limited.

Here are some of the quick and effective tips that you can use to enhance your internet speeds. Some of them are mentioned below:

Restarting your modem: It is always helpful to turn off your modem along with your router and turn it on again. You can also try rebooting your router to boost your internet speed.

Ensuring no clutter blockage: You need to make sure that there are no clutters of blocking materials — such as clusters of metal — hindering your router. If there are any clutters of such materials near the Wi-Fi routers, they need to be removed so that your router transmits maximum signals properly.

Monitoring your network: It is always good to keep track of who is using your network. You must monitor who is accessing your network and review your security settings to avoid any lags.


The greater the internet speed, the more margin you have to do multiple online activities at the same time. Data caps is one of the limiting factors in internet packages. It depends on your internet usage. If you have greater usage, you must go for internet packages with no data caps. It is important to consider the fact that the busiest hours of internet usage is usually between 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Even if you avail the best speed internet package, you must avoid these rush hours for any activities involving more data. The internet speeds are also affected by the number of users accessing the internet connection at the same time. Therefore you must choose services that offer high-speed internet for multiple users if you have more users accessing the internet.

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