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Networking and security solutions your business actually needs


Starting a business can be quite challenging, and it will probably be the most difficult thing you have to do in your life. It definitely does come with its rewards, and you’ll feel more fulfilled than ever, but you will go through a lot before that could happen. There’s naturally a learning curve, and your journey will take you through different experiences and stages, and with each one you’ll grow and learn. Still, you need to start working on your business needs as early as possible, even if you’re going to make mistakes, because that is how you learn and move forward. What’s a good place to start, then? Well, there are some networking and security solutions out there that your company will definitely need, and they could help take your business to the next level.

Perimeter security

You need to get your business a perimeter security solution as soon as possible, because you will need it, even if you don’t know it yet. This solution basically works as a shield between your network and what’s out there on the internet, and there are loads of stuff you’ll need to steer clear from on the internet. There are plenty of harmful connections out there, and a lot of them might be out to attack your network. This is why it’s important to have such a barrier to protect your network from any intruders.

The problem with technology these days is the fact that you get a lot of newer options and services, from cloud solutions to web services, and while that in itself is great, you still need to protect all of those. This is why a perimeter security is a must for any business, and you probably already have it without even knowing. The most popular kinds of perimeter security includes firewalls, spam protection, and intrusion prevention systems. Each of these serves a different function that will protect your business from several potential threats.

Firewalls control what can enter your network and what shouldn’t, and it does that by keeping track of any ongoing traffic through your website. A firewall basically tracks where the payload is coming from, and determines whether or not those sources are to be trusted. Intrusion prevention systems work alongside firewalls to keep your network protected, because the latter sometimes may be fooled if hackers decide to send your network payloads that can be trusted. Spam protection, on the other hand, does the very important task of flagging spam and blocking ads that might pose a security threat to your systems, which is important considering that over 90 percent of cyber attacks happen through content sent via email.

Ectivise solutions

This is a more specific networking solution that sets up a variety of functions that serve to help your business. They specialize in improving companies’ data transmission, and they help you get an ultra-fast performance that could aid your business in achieving much better results, more efficiently. By utilizing such a solution, your company will save a lot of board storage as well as energy consumption, which will save you a lot of money in the long run, and more importantly, optimize your performance, increasing efficiency and taking your business to the next level.

GA systems

This is another service provider that offers leading tools to help businesses secure their data and strengthen their security systems. They are also known for extending these solutions to a fraction of in-house security systems, saving companies a lot of money while providing top-of-the-line services. Certified engineers at GA Systems explained the importance of acquiring such a service in how companies are often flooded with streams of data too big for even the best security professional out there to handle. This is why they need a 24/7 service with advanced threat hunting to be able to protect the network at all times from any possible threat.

Intranet security

Intranet security is another kind of cyber security system that you cannot afford to neglect, and its importance lies in the fact that it helps protect your employees’ devices and computers from malware—which is quite often found on the internet, and might find its way into your security networks and compromise the safety of your data.


SevOne provides one of the most important services that any business needs for its networks. They offer companies a powerful technology portfolio to help them improve and visualize network performance, which in turn reflects on companies’ productivity in the long run and helps them develop powerful insight into their future strategies.

Apstra AOS 2.2

This relatively new version by Apstra comes with a host of features that are bound to help any business network. The intent-based analytics alone helps the user do a lot with this networking software, and you’ll get to fully automate data center operations with every network operation. This in turn helps prevent network outages, and there’s also the option to customize the network operations and validate the operator’s intent. This version supports multi-tenancy and it also has an enhanced inter-rack layer 2 connectivity, which is considered to be one of the best in the market.

Cisco intent-based networking

The Cisco Intent-Based Networking system is one of the newer players in the market, but this open platform comes with an array of features that could really help companies improve their network performance. Users can develop custom-made applications, and more SDN solutions are created for customers to give them more options to choose from in accordance with their respective businesses.

While there are plenty of avenues your business will need to invest in, networking and security solutions are a must, and you have to prioritize them. Everything is online now, and your company’s most sensitive data is in cyberspace, so you can’t really afford to be anything but diligent—especially when it comes to financial data. You’d be surprised at how many cyber attacks and hacking attempts a regular network is subjected to on a daily basis, and as the company profile goes up, so do the hacking attempts. So, why take a risk?

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