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New York business consulting strategies: The entrepreneur guide to success


There is no place quite like New York when it comes to setting up a consulting business. Every day, companies are looking for external expertise and guidance to help them navigate ever-shifting modern economies.

In this guide, we won’t touch on tried-and-true methods to guarantee your success as a consultant in New York. Instead, we will showcase how virtual phone numbers, an emerging trend among top performers, can give your New York consulting business new strategies for efficiency and enhanced profitability, such as:

  • Using a Toll Free Number for Geographical Agnosticism
  • Targeting Hyper-Specific New York Markets
  • Creating a Directory System to Handle Inbound Calls
  • Being Accessible 24/7 – Even When You’re Not in the Office

Using a toll free number for geographical agnosticism

Professionalism rules in the cutthroat arena that is New York. And the best way to gain a professional aura is by using toll free numbers. The reason? Think about the last time you contacted a large, high-volume organization like a law firm. Did you dial a toll free number? Chances are, you did. Therefore, using a toll free number imparts that same no-nonsense aesthetic perfect for New York’s competitive atmosphere.

It should be noted that this is particularly important for new businesses that want to establish themselves right out of the gate. After all, using a personal cell phone number can cause potential customers to believe you’re inexperienced (even if you’re not).

Targeting hyper-specific New York markets

New York is a large state and it goes beyond just the New York City Metropolitan area. Using a virtual phone number service provider with a large number of available numbers can help your consulting business’ localization efforts.

For instance, if you’re looking to target the five boroughs of New York City, you may want to use a phone number with a 917 Area Code to appeal to clients that only deal with domestic consultants. Likewise, if you wanted to appeal to markets on Long Island, you can use virtual phone numbers with 631 and 516 area codes to gain authenticity and more leads.

Creating a directory system to handle inbound calls

Consultants are busy by nature. After all, if you’re not working, your business isn’t working. So, how do you handle inbound calls when you’re on call?

The answer to running a consultancy business in the city that never sleeps is by creating an automated directory system. This is accomplished by using a PBX, or Private Branch Exchange. A PBX is available from most service providers, enabling you to design a customized directory for caller intake. As an example, you can provide direct lines to your receptionist, your direct phone, or pre-recorded information as needed.

Being accessible 24/7 – Even when you’re not

Sales are a big part of running a consulting business in New York. If you’re not actively pursuing customers and scheduling leads, then you may be missing out on business opportunities. But like the directory system above, how do you make yourself accessible around the clock even when you’re not?

To accomplish this goal and maintain a positive work/life balance, you may want to use virtual phone numbers paired with a popular add-on called “time of day routing.” Offered by select virtual phone number providers, time of day routing redirects inbound calls to different destination numbers depending on the time the call is placed.

Suppose a call is received after you’ve finished for the day. You can arrange for answering of calls by a virtual assistant when they occur outside of regular operating hours. This means you can remain accessible and go about your personal life as needed without losing business. Customers, in turn, appreciate being able to reach your company when needed, while helping your business gain long-term clients.

As you can see, virtual phone numbers can positively impact your New York business consulting strategies. When properly implemented, expect new levels of profitability, efficiency, and more!

As a business owner and international entrepreneur, Tom Senkus shares his hard-won knowledge of how to keep customers happy. For more information on Tom’s published work and endeavors, visit

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