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There is no such thing as competition… here’s why


As women business owners, when we hit a roadblock, have a challenge, or feel frustrated with our results, we tend to look to the competition and start comparing ourselves to them. What are they doing versus what I am doing? What are they doing for marketing? Are they having more sales than me? It is an insanity loop that can play over and over but, in the end, it will not create anything more for you or your business.

Stop the comparison. Why? First, because you don’t know what’s is really going on with them or their business. Secondly, you don’t know if they are having the same setbacks or challenges. We have no idea what is going on in other people’s businesses.

By living in a state of comparison, it only “be-littles” you. The question to ask is: what needs to change here? What is it going to take get different results? Don’t look to the competition outside yourself. Look inside yourself. The competition is you.

What if business could be as simple as discovering what you would like your business to be and your life to be? What if you could just ask for it? Be willing to do, be and choose whatever it takes to have what you’re hoping for.

Here are three tips that will help you assess where you are.

  1. Point of view

Instead of changing your perspective, change your point of view. Your point view are the judgements that you believe and that define you. They also confine and lock you into a tiny box and stop you from being you. Don’t align and agree or resist and react with how you perceive the world to be. Your point of view creates your reality, your reality doesn’t create your point of view. We get stuck when we believe our points of view are true. How many conclusions do you have about your business that is keeping you from expanding beyond anything you thought possible – whether that is more clients, more money, more ideas? Where have you stopped yourself from having more? We can choose to keep our point, or we can choose to let it go or choose another point of view.

  1. Acknowledge talents

Women are super heroes. We have businesses, careers, homes, families, volunteer work and much more. Somehow, we manage to handle the many things on our plates. One of the things we are not really good at is acknowledge our own gifts, talents, experiences, and skills. All of these differences make you unique and your business unique. And that means each business’ ideal audience is unique. Build your business knowing that there are people who could use exactly what YOU are offering, because it’s YOU that makes it unique. Come from a place of allowance and awareness because the people who are meant to see and work with you for what they need, will find you.

  1. Duplicate it

There is no such thing as competition, only creation. What did you create yesterday? What did you create last year? What can you create today and for your future? What can you duplicate created before? Along with duplicating yourself, look at others in your industry or a similar business and make those ideas your own with your uniqueness. Look at existing products and services which may have been lacking and fill that gap with a standout offering. Look at others’ creations and ask if you like what they are doing. If you answer yes, then duplicate what they are doing and bring your own flair to it. Be in the question of idea, not the conclusion of it.

When you take the idea that there is no competition out of your mind, it ceases to exist. You get to enjoy others in similar businesses as people and honor what they are creating. Shifting all of this will allow you to have more space for others to be successful.

About Cathy Dool

Cathy Dool is a business and marketing strategist as well as Conscious Wealth Wellness coach with over 35 years’ experience. A thought-leader, she is the co-owner of consulting and training business, and also operates her family’s multi-million-dollar heavy truck and trailer dealership which is now celebrating its 44th year of business. Cathy is a Being You facilitator, a specialty program of Access Consciousness. Cathy’s greatest passion is teaching others how to live deliberately and create consciously while achieving their desires.

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      PJ SPUR

      July 24, 2019 at 11:55 pm

      What a great way to reframe! By reading this and journaling, I created some new ideas for MY business. How does it get any better than this!

      Thanks, Cathy!

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