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For marketing that gets results, start with your head


If your marketing efforts seem wasted, it may need a makeover. But first, you need to makeover your mindset to create marketing that gets results. You’ve probably tried all the marketing moves, but you’re not seeing results. While there can be many reasons why, see if any of these sound like you:

  • You’re doing all your marketing yourself.
  • Maybe you outsource it, but to different people doing different things: someone doing your social media, another sending your newsletter while you try to write your own blogs, and not that often.
  • You have bursts of marketing consistently then quiet patches when you get really busy.
  • You DIY images for your social posts and blog and film videos on your smartphone, because … time and budget constraints.

Are you nodding your head to any? Well, stop right there, step back from the doing of your business and read on… It’s not that what you’ve been doing is wrong, it simply might not be the best use of your time and resources.

If your marketing approach has been more scattergun than strategy, it’s time to reframe your mindset to makeover your marketing.

Think of your marketing makeover like renovating your house. You’ve got some good foundations, they just need improving: a lick of paint here, some new furniture there, a new garden for street appeal. And like home renovation, any marketing tweaks you make need to be sustainable and easy to maintain – you don’t want to let things slide and have to do another makeover in a year or two.

So, where do you start?

First, Stop Selling

You read that right. With the digital age, we’ve lost of lot of personal engagement and we can be bombarded with sales messages. In fact, we get about 5000 marketing messages a day. But we only remember about 3 or 4. I guarantee you the ones you remember are not about sales or discounts! And given all the messaging we see, it’s interesting that 70% of people make their purchase decision before they contact you.

So, start thinking about your audience as other people, not dollar signs. People don’t care about what you’re selling – there are thousands of others doing the same. People buy into YOU, your values, your beliefs, and what you’re doing.

Successful marketing is about human connection, engagement, building relationships and communities.

Now you’ve reframed your mindset, let’s do some intensive ‘housekeeping’ to plan your makeover.


Like tearing up threadbare carpet or ditching drab curtains, here’s where you throw out what’s old or not working. Before that, you need to do your research, looking at the following influences on your marketing.

Competitors. Check what they’re doing. Where are they being seen? How is their audience responding and what can you learn from this?

Customers. Ask yours why they do business with you, and what they love about working with you.

SWOT. A thorough SWOT analysis helps you pinpoint your key marketing challenges and opportunities.

Audience. Revisit who you are targeting. Has your target market changed as your business has grown? Are there other opportunities to consider?

Activity. Measure what you are doing now – get actual stats. What has worked, what hasn’t and why? Putting metrics around it gives you perspective so you can prioritise – or drop something that’s not working.

Future. This is where you plan. What’s happening in your industry that you can use to promote your business? Any events, presentations, expos, seasonal activities or milestones you can capitalise on?


Just as you might decide to revive an old claw foot bath, look at your existing marketing collateral that has substance, give it a polish and find ways to use it better.

Start by setting some goals: what are you trying to achieve in the next 12 months? Your new marketing strategy, and any revamped content, need to align with that.

Content you can repurpose might be videos, images, eBooks or webinars. By taking stock of your existing assets, you can create content with more longevity, and identify gaps for new content opportunities.

You know how hanging a new painting can enhance your home. Think of adding professional video to your website working like this. Your site will look better; updating your web content is good for SEO and people will stay on your site longer – don’t we all want that?

Keep in mind, just adding a video won’t help engagement if the rest of your website looks old and has poor navigation. Your website is the hub of your business, like the kitchen is the centre of your home. You wouldn’t renovate the rest of your house, leaving the kitchen with dated cupboards and broken appliances. Yes, it’s an investment, but if your kitchen (i.e. website) looks tired, no one’s going to hang around – or buy.


Time to bring in the new! Look for new ideas to add and refresh your marketing strategy, and ultimately, your content. You probably can’t do it all at once, even though you want to. So, design a timeline for the next 12 to 18 months, that meets your business goals and budget.

Set milestones such as your business anniversary, a trade show you want to attend, a speaking gig or guesting on a podcast. What activities and content can you create around those? For example, you can promote a trade show you’re attending through social media posts, blogs and newsletters months out from the event. Rather than leaving things to the last minute, by giving regular updates on the event and what you’re doing to prepare, you build momentum, community, recognition and engagement. And don’t we all want that?

You also need to consider what your marketing budget can buy you. You can’t get a Miele appliance on an LG budget, so don’t expect something like a slick new website from Fiverr. And don’t expect great marketing results if you’re on a DIY budget. Be realistic.

So… now we know marketing isn’t about selling to people, what does it do?

Engage and add value

Your content needs to educate, inform and inspire your audience, giving them something of value for nothing. It’s more than telling people how good you are – they’re already expecting that. Your business isn’t a display home; you want your marketing to create a warm, inviting space, where your customers and prospects can feel at home. Make them feel part of who you are and why you do what you do. That’s how you build a community and create the ‘know, like, trust’ factor of marketing that converts prospects into clients.

Just like a quality home reno takes time, your marketing makeover won’t happen overnight. But once you have a strategy in place, you can build slowly and track your progress. It doesn’t have to break the bank either, if you plan ahead and allocate some budget for the priorities in your marketing strategy.

Need some guidance on planning your marketing makeover? Let’s explore it in a complimentary 30-minute discovery call. Get in touch.

About Tiz Porreca

Coming from a large Italian family, Tiz Porreca is all about relationships and bringing people together. It’s this human-centred focus that underpins her marketing business, Amongst. Tiz helps businesses ‘get amongst it’ to create genuine connections and engage their audiences in more authentic ways. She honed her broad experience with 18 years in business consulting for an IT company, managing sales, customer service and marketing. She furthered her talents during six years running an advertising and design agency, overseeing high level branding projects, and developing messaging and positioning. In recent years, Tiz has earned a reputation as an expert in marketing strategy and relationship building. Tiz’s mission is to bring the ‘human' back into marketing, by educating businesses to create a loyal following of customers the same way we build the close, personal relationships around us. It's about respecting, nurturing and getting to know your community – and letting them get to know you, what you stand for and why you’d be great to work with. Tiz shows business how to earn the trust that will make them relevant to the most important people in their worlds, then keep those people coming back for more.

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