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Finding the perfect space to work from home


Working from home is now a very common occurrence. Whether you are employed and are able to work flexibly, working on a new business venture, or running your established business from home it offers the greatest amount of flexibility. Working from home can also be great for creating a better work-life balance, especially for those with young families.

Despite this increase in working from home, it can be a struggle for many people to find the right space to work from. Where some people are able to dedicate a whole room in their house or flat to work in as a home office, others have to make use of others rooms like the kitchen, living room or bedroom. There are pros and cons to each.

Working in the bedroom

Setting up the bedroom, for example, can have the benefit of being a quiet space away from other distraction in the house. Usually it will be upstairs so people can carry on downstairs so you will not be disturbed.

The downside is that you might prefer to have a definitive line between work and sleep. Rolling out of bed and straight to the desk isn’t for everyone. Plus, answering emails at midnight when your partner is trying to sleep probably won’t go down too well.

Setting up in the kitchen

The other option that you have is setting up in the kitchen. This is a preferable option if you have the house to yourself during the day. One of the advantages is that you have tea and coffee close to hand, and most kitchens tend to be light and airy. If you have a dining table in the kitchen this may be the perfect place to work from and spread out.

The downside is that there is a lack of storage options for office-based supplies. This may be easily combatted by seeking out some more bespoke cabinets to install in your kitchen if you think it may be a long-term office space. Searching for ‘custom cabinets San Francisco’ will bring up companies such as Gilmans Kitchens and Baths, who you can speak to if you think this might be the way forward for you.

Finding space in the living room

Finally, an option that is a great fall back for everyone is setting up shop in the living room. The great thing about the living room is that there are comfy chairs, usually plenty of storage and it is where most people’s internet routers are so the interest connection is fast.

Although the living room may seem like the perfect spot, there are a few considerations. If there are others in the house you aren’t going to get much work done with people passing through all the time. It can also be full of distractions, the TV being one of them.

Finding the right spot

Wherever you choose to set up your home office, it’s important to make sure that it’s quiet and that you will have access to everything you need. Working from home is great for work-life balance, and if you can find the perfect office space then it will most likely work for you.

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