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Polishing tips for your online/social media presence


Social media’s dominance in online marketing only grows stronger as time goes on. With studies estimating an astounding 3 billion social media users by 2021, creating a compelling and well-maintained social media presence becomes a necessity for forward-thinking companies.

Gone are the days of needing to save up for a billboard or commercial to advertise your business. Today, you can place your brand in front of the eyes of countless people at little to no cost – if you play your cards right on social media.

Part of the job is simply letting people know you exist, but the other part is crafting an image that exudes credibility. Social media is now respected as a valuable constituent of your marketing strategy, so treat it as such. Below, we will go over some ways to make sure your social media presence is making use of its potential.

Link to your work samples

Simply mentioning your occupation or what you do doesn’t grant you the kind of credibility that an actual display of your work does. There are many avenues on social media by which you can showcase your talent or previous work. This can tip the balance in your favor when a person follows a visibly-placed link to see what you’ve proven yourself capable of.

LinkedIn provides the opportunity to add examples of work in the form of photos, links, videos, or presentations to ensure that none of your hard-earned masterpieces gets lost to the mists of time. However, many people shy away from the duty of updating their LinkedIn or otherwise forget to do so. It’s worth staying current with your LinkedIn profile because you never know what kind of projects or employment opportunities might come your way.

If you are using a site like Twitter, the best places for a link to your work are either in your bio or in a “pinned Tweet”. The pinned Tweet feature can be especially useful for things like recent projects or publications, or other periodically released material. Be sure to only be linking to work that you are actually proud of, as we all know there are some skeletons in just about everyone’s proverbial closet.

Complete your profiles

This one might seem basic, but it is nonetheless incredibly important. The more time you spend browsing social media profiles, the more you will begin to notice nuances or lackluster design choices that could’ve been far more effective. For example, the default Twitter egg profile picture has become synonymous with inexperienced users, often causing dads and aunts to stick out like sore thumbs. Likewise, many people leave their bios blank, which always leaves the profile looking incomplete by comparison.

For Facebook, people often leave the “About” section blank, but filling it out fully can do wonders in displaying a snapshot of your personality and thoroughness. Image curation is also something worthy of regular maintenance. Get rid of images that are grainy or unflattering, or see how you can create the perfect Facebook cover photo to ratchet up your amount of likes.

If your goal is to expand your following to promote your brand, don’t assume that an aesthetically pleasing profile is all that you need to attain. As psychological research has shown and social media often reinforces, exposure breeds familiarity – and thus preference. This means that you ought to post on a fairly regular basis, especially for sites like Twitter. You can also time your posts or Tweets strategically to maximize the likelihood of people seeing it.

Driving traffic to your social media

One of the best ways to drive up traffic to your social media platforms is by including a link in your email footer. This way you can exhibit your social media profiles without seeming overbearing by asking people outright to look at them.

In addition, you should link all the social media accounts you have to each other, to allow a viewer to seamlessly travel from one to the other. As a general rule, the more types of accounts the better – but only if they are well curated. If you have a beautiful Instagram but a scarce and unattractive Facebook, the latter detracts from the former.

Having a personal website

Some people might be able to skate by without a personal website, but having one adds undeniable credibility to your online marketing efforts. In fact, this could be the crown jewel of your online branding efforts. This shows you are serious about what you do and are willing to go the extra mile to prove your legitimacy.

From your home page, you can have links to your other various social media platforms. Creating both a website and multiple social media accounts will make your online presence greater than the sum of its parts, allowing the momentum of one to grow your following in the other.

Stay consistent

Polishing tips for your online/social media presence

You also want your brand to remain easily recognizable across all platforms. Perhaps you have a color scheme that you like, or a logo, for example. Inconsistency in brand image harms the brand overall and may confuse the consumer. Remaining consistent in your brand’s presentation makes you appear dependable, organized, and well-orchestrated.

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