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Moeloco (which means dream crazy) is a fashion social conscious product started to inspire people to be their best, live a life they love and to make a difference.

When Kathy Wong learnt that there are over 300 hundred million children living in the world without shoes and that they could not attend school in many cases without shoes and at times their health could be severely affected, she knew she had to do something. She came out of retirement from her previous successful business to found Moeloco.

Kathy Wong“My own difference is to help children in poverty and so my craziest dream yet is to stop poverty and I’ve started making my social footprint by creating the Moleloco thong which leaves positive messages in the sand such as love, peace and happiness,” she says. “For every Moeloco sold, I donate a pair of school shoes to an orphan living in poverty. Our business is all about making people feel good and creating maximum social impact for children and families living in poverty in India.”

What prompted you to start the business?

I had a good life and lived my dream for nine years when I retired. One morning I received an epiphany I had to go and make a difference in the world, so here I am.

What have been the biggest challenges you faced?

There have been so many. Manufacturing, logistics, retailing , finding the right charity Partner.

Dealing with the Chinese in China is so totally different the way they do business. I discovered that everything is done with a smile and it’s Ok when it’s not. I’m always discovering last minute there’s a problem so it’s difficult doing business this way. As we are a start up our quantities are small so juggling the ordering and inventory is another challenge. One other large challenge I had not bargained on was the difficulty in sourcing an aligned charity partner as I had to ensure complete transparency, the shoes would get to the kids.

What did you do to overcome those challenges?

With the manufacturing putting an inspector in place and being very dedicated to training my manufacturer to work in the way I require. I am continually checking in and anticipating any potential issues way ahead of time too. I eventually found the best charity partner I could have ever asked for after perseverance and trusting it would happen.

From your experience, what are the 3 key pieces of advice you would give other women?

  1. Fail fast, best to test your ideas quickly before you have put too much investment of time and money in. There always needs to be lots of learning before you can get things right so don’t be afraid to test and test.
  2. Know your ‘why’ because this is what will keep you focused and getting back on that horse each time you fall off and there will be many occasions that happens. Communicate your story well as people buy stories and that’s your unique point of difference.
  3. Find the best mentors, teachers you can who have done what you are doing so you may learn from their experiences to shorten your learning.

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