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Reaching financial independence from 9 to 5


Reaching financial independence is something all of us would love to do. But although it sounds amazing, it also requires hard work and dedication in order to make more money than you currently make from your job.

And to make it clear, we aren’t talking about you quitting your job, we are talking about making more money than you do from your regular job, in order to be independent. And that can have all kinds of benefits for you and even for your career.

Not being afraid of losing your job can help you with doing bigger, more ambitious projects, and even if they fail, you’ll be able to learn more from failing than you would from staying in your comfort zone.

So, let’s get over a few ways that can allow you to beat your nine to five. From starting your side hustle to dealing with cryptocurrency now that it’s becoming more mainstream and you can even sell bitcoin for bank transfer.

Start a side hustle

Even though this is the most in your eyes advice out there, everything you’ll have to do is basically a side hustle. Whether you see it like that or no is a completely different thing.

So, go on a walk (or just do something that stimulates your brain) and think about what you do well and you can make money from?

It can be everything from doing nails or makeup at the comfort of your home to going to backyard sales, buying stuff for cheap and later flipping them on Facebook Marketplace. Honestly, it all comes down to what you want to make money from.

So why don’t you consider making money with your hobby?

We all have something that we love doing. Whether it be going to the gym every day after work to let some steam off, or taking care of your plants in your apartment, with a bit of thought and creativity, there’s almost a sure way for you to make money out of it.

Let’s say you love cooking. Well, why don’t you start teaching other people how to become better cooks and even save money by preparing their food at home?

Truth is, making money today from doing what you love has never been easier. If you love doing something, almost surely there’s a way for you to turn that hobby into a money generating machine.

And if you already have something saved up, why don’t you start investing?

And a way that can generate you money passively is by investing your money. Whether it be investing in real estate, crypto or a company, this by far is one of the few ways that you can make money while sleeping.

Even though buying real estate can be hard, it’s not impossible. It’s about proper planning, finding the right deal and then renting out, or even flipping the property.

Investing in cryptocurrency is also a great idea. Yes, you might have to do a bit of research, and it won’t be as easy as 1,2,3 it’s still an amazing opportunity. And it’s becoming more wide-spread by the day.

Or, if you’ve always wanted to invest in a company that you believe in, then give this a go! Making money today can be done from anywhere in the world and b doing what you truly love, so give it a shot!

About Peta McGrath

Peta McGrath is an accomplished marketing and career advisor, specialising in helping women develop their best possible strategies for career and business advancement.

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