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7 Reasons new business owners should delegate from day one


If you are anything like me, making mistakes in business is something that you have done and have resolved not to repeat at least a few times a month.

What do you do when everyone tells you that you should do something, yet you find yourself resisting it? Like delegating? When I first thought about delegating, I thought to myself “I barely delegate to me, let alone someone else!” How do I even delegate? Where do I start?

Here are my seven reasons why delegating is a good idea, even in the early days of your business, and especially if you are not that great at it.

Reason #1: Heavy lifting

You are great at what you know how to do. People are willing to pay you for your talents and skillset. Asking to be great at everything that is required to have a business be profitable is just simply exhausting. In the words of the ubiquitous Sweet Brown “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.” Ask yourself, what am I great at and what can I delegate to people who are great at it?

Tool #1 Ask: “What am I great at?”

Reason #2: Hotline

You already have the connections, I promise! In the internet age we are one degree of separation from the people, places and things that can and will assist us to create the profitable and amazing business that is possible for us. Ask yourself, “Who do I already know that could assist me with this? Who would be fun to add to this project? Who is awesome at this that I could ask to assist me or show me some things?”

Tool #2 Ask: “Who’s work do I love?”

Reason #3: All in

You have made a big investment in your business; energetically, physically, mentally, monetarily you are all in. What would it be like to have someone else make an investment of their time and energies with you? What would it add to your business to have a champion or a cheerleader promoting you, chatting you up and cheering you up? Sometimes the worst part of being a new business owner is being the only one invested in the enterprise. Ask yourself, “If I could have anyone share my office with me, who would it be?”

Tool # 3 Ask “Where are my Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders?

Reason #4: Jackpot

Your business is about to be profitable in a way that you’ve always dreamed of. Remember all those people that you said you’d take care of if you won the jackpot? The trips you’d go on?  The shoes you’d buy? What if delegating the tasks that require some amazing talent paid off in ways that you could not imagine and created a jackpot that you could not anticipate? Ask yourself, “Who or what could add to the profitability of my business right away?”

Tool #4 Ask: “Who’s on my A Team?”

Reason #5: Jive talking

You may have heard over and over, “That’s not a real job!” Or “How do you even get paid for that?” What if that is a certain indicator that you are closer to success than you ever thought possible? What if having people opposing your vision is an indicator that you are on track? That said, you can ask “Is there anyone I can ask to show me the possible pitfalls of my business who will do so in a kind and gracious manner?”

Tool #5 Ask: “Who has been down this path and can show me the pitfalls?”

Reason #6: The glass runneth over

Most media stories point at what to do when your business is failing, what if you have too many clients? Yes, my friends the struggle is real. Experts can assist you in creating client introduction protocols that do not require you to do so much in-person work to give them all the preliminary information that is required. Ask yourself, “What are my FAQ’s for my business and who can assist me with standard operating procedures for my business?”

Tool #6 Ask “What do my clients love about working with me and who can assist me in creating a SOP that invites and engages them elegantly?”

Reason #7: Silver lining

What if every mess-up or mashup or accident was actually more valuable than smooth sailing? In business, often we tell ourselves, “Wow, I will never do that again!” Or “Wow I know nothing about that!” What if you gave yourself permission to dump off the blame or regret and used the energies to propel you towards your goals? Sometimes it can take a few weeks to shake off an upset, when it takes longer than that it may be time to call in an expert. Someone who is great at assisting people to reframe upsets and use them to create more. Ask yourself: “Who could help me shake this off and create more of what I love creating?”

Tool #7 Ask: “Who could assist me in creating greater in my business than I could ever imagine?”

About Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Jennifer Cramer Lewis loves showing people simple changes they can make to drastically improve their financial welfare. With over 20 years in business and finance, including careers in Banking, Real Estate Sales and Management, and Mortgage Broking, she has always found it easy and natural to implement processes to heighten productivity. These skills combined with her love of people meant that financial coaching was a natural progression from working within other people's businesses. She is a facilitator for Right Riches for You, a specialty program of Access Consciousness. She has written three bestselling books and is mum to two fantastic teens who are learning early to master the language of prosperity. Follow her on YouTube.

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