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How remote working is giving women a second chance


We’ve all heard of cases where women have had to give up on lucrative careers in order to raise a family. Thankfully, those days are well behind us now. With the turn of the century, women all over the world (to varying extents) have broken the shackles of society and given themselves a level playing field in all spheres of life.

Amongst other factors helping women, technology has always offered a helping hand. It is no different now, with many technology driven ideas that have fuelled the remote working revolution, skilled women can get back to the mainstream and that too from the comfort of their homes.

Let’s take a look at how career driven women have found their second calling with remote work.


With technology changing the way we work, remote collaboration has helped many skilled professionals across the globe, get a chance at working alongside great minds.While working with advanced real time whiteboard collaboration tools, women have found a way to balance their work life and home in a great way.

Remote working gives them the flexibility of working as per their schedule and contributing to an organization’s bigger goals. With jobs like web development, design, HR and content up for grabs, women looking to start their careers again have all the options available now.

Location does not matter

The main reason why enterprises, big or small, are embracing remote work, is due to its ability to cross borders with ease. While organizations have the advantage of tapping the vast global resource pool, women are also benefited when global employers look for skills that match their needs.

Mothers who had to end their careers after their first child, now have the opportunity to work for large corporates or a budding start-up from their own home office and become self reliant all over again. With geographic boundaries of no significance, remote work opens many doors for women looking to work again.

Pay parity

While organizations worldwide have for long had different pay grades for men and women, this is fast changing. First witnessed amongst remote employers, gender neutral pay parity is an established fact of the way modern organizations work. Owing to its nature of giving precedence to the work getting done, regardless of the number of hours put in, remote work offers no discrimination based on gender.

This, along with the advantages of working from the comfort of one’s home, has given career oriented women an option like no other, all thanks to remote work. 

Getting noticed without bias

No matter how liberated our thinking maybe, while working in a traditional set up, certain gender biases creep in. With remote work, this is not the case. As mentioned earlier, a remote employer only cares for the results and not the amount of time you spend while doing it. With that understanding, women feel a sense of liberation wherein they can apply their minds better, without feeling any pressure.

While this holds true for both genders, it works great in the case of women as they can efficiently manage time between taking care of their family and working.

In conclusion

The remote working trend has indeed helped many professionals in finding the right organizations without the limits of geographical boundaries. This has been exceptionally beneficial for working women who had to let go of their careers in order to raise a family.

With technology by their side and an organization with a modern outlook towards employment, many women have found their second chance, thanks to the phenomenon called remote working. Add your inputs or leave suggestions in the comments section.

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