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How AI is reshaping email marketing


Artificial intelligence has been talked about many times over the last decade that people were actually growing impatient for any real-life developments of the technology. With all the science fiction movies depicting sentient AI controlling murderous robots that aimed to wipe out mankind, expectations are still high. But, we’re still a long way from achieving such a technologically advanced feat.

Despite the relatively slow progress, we’re covering good ground. AI is garnering considerable success with its application in processes across different industries. One of the sectors that’s been benefiting from the technology is digital marketing, where email marketing, in particular, is gaining much headway with AI’s help. Processes are improved and better results are derived mainly from its core aspects, namely big data and machine learning.

Here are the ways the technology is influencing changes in email marketing.

  • Analytics

The data produced from email marketing campaigns can be used for broader analyses. For example, the level of customer engagement can be analyzed to predict potential rate where they stop subscribing to your service. You can also leverage behavioral patterns to strategize when to upsell or cross-sell.

  • Predictive personalization

According to a Statista study, personalized emails have higher open and click-through rates due to customers’ desire for personalization and relevance to stay engaged. AI can improve on this by effortlessly analyzing your target audience’s behaviors and interests to generate insights and make personalized emails for each subscriber.

  • Smart segmentation

When personalizing your emails, it means you understand that your subscribers have varied behaviors and interests that encompasses email engagement. Their similarities and differences will allow you to group them into segments, which AI can do without a hitch.

  • Optimization of subject lines and email content

AI can analyze your email marketing campaign history to make your subject lines, copy, and CTAs be more persuasive and able to drive specific actions. This can also help you find the right words for these elements to ensure engagement from your audience.

  • Optimization of send time and email frequency

The differences between your audience include their preferred time to read their emails. Through AI, it’s possible to know when each of your subscribers will most likely open an email so you can optimize your send time. With the help of predictive analysis, you can automate your send times and frequency based on historical data of interactions and behaviors. You’ll be able to send emails at the exact time your recipients are likely to open their inbox.

  • Automated workflow

With automation increasingly becoming commonplace in many industries, marketing is up-to-date with using AI tech. There are automation platforms integrated into marketing processes to help identify behaviors and events that trigger email communications, allowing customization to achieve the best conversion. This can also allow you to set up automated campaigns for lead nurturing.

  • Multivariate and A/B testing

Multivariate and A/B testing steps are needed in launching email marketing campaigns. But with the help of AI, you can create more robust tests, which allows you to identify developments and make quick estimates to recognize the differences between AI-assisted tests.

AI is set to revolutionize email marketing

Pretty soon, AI will be standard tech used not only in email marketing but also in digital marketing in general. It will continuously improve email marketing processes by bringing better efficiency through effective automation and customization. Expect AI to deliver more benefits as the technology advances, which would make your campaigns more potent with very little effort.

Remember, failure to adopt this technology is an opportunity wasted. The competition will eventually leave you in the dust as you scramble to keep up with their campaigns. Start integrating AI and prepare to embrace the future of email marketing.

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