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What it takes to create a kick-ass, readable, popular blog post?


Nowadays, many people have blogs, vlogs …and all of us have at least a few profiles in popular social networks. A blog can be not only a great form of self-expression, but it can also make money for you. If your blog is going to become popular you can get suggestions for something to advertise, or other websites may want to place their banner on your website. You can also sell for Google some advertising space on your blog website. Benefits are obvious, but how to achieve it… How to create a great blog post?

What will your writing style be?

If you continue your current blog or write another person’s blog, you should decide whether you will write in the same style to maintain uniformity or you will want to change the style. It is also recommended to read other people’s popular blogs and get some good practices.

High quality text content

You should choose relevant topics. Write about things that are useful and / or interesting to people. Try to fit in 500 words. If your blog post is longer, then be sure to use both visual material and formatting: highlighted text, italics, punctuation, tables, charts, headings, etc. Make sure your title is catchy and well descriptive, so that readers can easily get involved and do not disappoint. Sometimes it happens that the clickbait headers attract readers, but after reading the content they are disappointed. Best to avoid it. If you are having difficulty producing the content yourself, you should hire a professional writer to produce it for you.

Original content

Maybe it is not worth saying that your content should be unique. Or perhaps it’s worth repeating and repeating, because there still are people who copy content and seize it. Remember that you can always use the same online plagiarism checker as your university is using to avoid intentional or unintentional plagiarism. You can find much useful information about such tool as duplicate content checker. This online service could be paid or free, multilingual or monolingual, with report or without it. For you, as blog posts creator, it should be enough to use basic features of duplicate content checker. After all, you will create the content yourself. If you have a company blog and the entries are posted by your employees or hired writers — it is worth checking at least the uniqueness of the very first articles. Sometimes people just do not understand that there will be little use of duplicate text on the Internet.


What’s the benefit of a blog if no one reads it? One way is to popularize your brand. It is expensive. And another way is to get started on SEO rules and optimize your site content.

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