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The rising tide of entrepreneurial women


The number of women who own their own businesses is on the rise as they break free from their employment roles. They’re driven by a lack of convenient childcare options, bosses who don’t have empathy for family issues, and glass ceilings that never seem to break. Women find that they can’t take care of their families the way they feel they should because of these factors. The knowledge that they’ve reached maximum income for their roles and won’t progress has them seeking new ways to make money.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a big leap, but it’s easier than ever for a woman to start a business due to the internet leveling the playing field. Following are some of the reasons that more women are leaving their jobs to start their own businesses.

The internet

The internet has in some respects created new opportunities for all genders and races. No one knows what you look like on the other side of the screen, and few put in the effort to find out. All the customer is concerned with is receiving his or her order in a timely fashion and in good condition. While there’s nothing wrong with promoting a woman-owned business, sometimes removing gender from the equation is beneficial. It makes for a straightforward transaction and makes the customer focus on the service he or she received as opposed to who is selling the product.

Another advantage to the internet is the fact that it provides a low-cost way to start a business. No physical storefront is needed — just a website, payment acceptance options, and a product to sell.

Support networks for women

Move over, good ol’ boys networks. Women are here to stay, and they’re going after the same advantages men have developed for themselves. Female-oriented networks offer the same perks the male networks do and boost women who are seeking to get their own businesses started. These networks help them find loans, resources, knowledge, and mentorship for women at all stages of their entrepreneurial journeys. They provide invaluable support when women need it the most.

Product marketing opportunities

Women selling makeup to other women is perhaps the most well-known type of product marketing career, but it’s not the only one. Many companies create product lines and then turn to independent salespeople to go out and make sales. This used to be a side job for women working a traditional day job or stay-at-home-moms who wanted some extra income. While this is still true today, more women are taking advantage of the support provided by a company like Amway and using it as a launching pad for their own businesses.

The advantage to product marketing is that the salesperson acts as an intermediary between the customer and the company. At no time does the salesperson “warehouse” the product for any length of time. Instead, the product gets shipped from the company once the order is made, and the salesperson distributes the orders to customers when they arrive. It’s a type of business structure that’s easy for women to get involved in and make into their full-time job due to the low threshold for entry.

Easy funding options

Money is easier to come by for female-owned startups than ever before. Grants, small business loans, and venture capital are being directed toward women who have solid ideas for their businesses. Gender is no longer an issue when it comes to looking for money. In fact, women are encouraged to apply for various types of funding to help get their businesses off the ground. And here, the internet comes into play once again with the ease of searching for information to get funding. Websites such as that of the Small Business Association show women how to write a business plan to get a loan and apply for grants, information that was once not easily accessed outside of going to the bank for help.

Women form a business force to be reckoned with. They are quietly changing the business landscape as the number of women-owned businesses increases and gender becomes less of an issue for many.

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