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Shyness can be an advantage


In business, you will often find that the most successful people are the ones who aren’t afraid to speak their mind — and they’re definitely not lacking in confidence. However, that doesn’t mean that there is a disadvantage to being shy… in fact, you will find shyness can be an advantage in being the foundation of quiet confidence.

When comparing men and women, it is fair to say that men are considered to be the more confident of the two. Why is that? Largely because men dominate the business world. As a result women can develop a lack of confidence and appear to be shy and timid, because they could begin to believe that in order to succeed in business, you need to be a man.

This has the potential to prevent a woman, no matter how talented she may be, from climbing the business ladder and she may ultimately find that her lack of self-confidence is her biggest obstacle of all.

How do you fix the problem? Well before you start thinking that you have to change everything about yourself in order to succeed, you should start looking at things from another perspective. You should transform what others may consider to be your ‘weaknesses’ into your strengths.

Here are some advantages that go hand in hand with being shy.

  1. ‘Even fools are thought to be wise if they keep silent’

If you take that into account, then being a talented albeit shy businesswoman may even be a blessing in disguise. For instance, being the quietest in the room allows you to keep your cards close to your chest, and while others may consider you not to be a threat, you will know otherwise and will be able to let your work speak for you. Listen to what others have to say, observe and digest. Never be forced into saying anything at anytime. This would become an even bigger advantage once people see just how talented you are, and realize that as quiet as you are, you are a lot more talented.

  1. Modesty

For the most part, ‘shy’ people are always the most modest…or at least they appear to be. This is considered an admirable trait. It allows people to feel comfortable around you as you won’t be constantly reminding them of all your accomplishments and therefore they will want to work with you more.

  1. You’re more approachable

Now this is something that is only true when your shyness does not control your entire life. If, for the most part you are able to talk to people when they approach you and have a lasting conversation with them, this is definitely a HUGE advantage. How so? Well shy people don’t appear to be as threating as those who are over-confident, and because they are generally more modest, people feel as though they will be able to have a conversation that won’t revolve solely around them.

Keep in mind that these are just the three main advantages of being shy, and all of them are useful for those of you hoping to increase your status in business. Also, once you put these advantages into practice in business and people realize just how talented you are, your confidence is sure to skyrocket and you will finally see just how much of an advantage being shy truly is.


About Natalie Cupac

Natalie Cupac Journalist & Features Writer for The Business Woman, Natalie Cupac is studying a double degree of Journalism and International Studies and has previously worked for Pacific Magazines

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  1. Marianne

    March 27, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    Shyness has certainly made me work harder to raise my skills. But I still can’t master small talk. Any advice would be appreciated.

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