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How do you start a private label or white label business?


The process of launching a private label (also called ‘white label’) business might seem a bit time consuming and complicated for newcomers. But in reality, it is relatively simple. Good things take time and effort, that’s a constant though. To put it in the simplest way possible, we have listed the steps, following which you can start your very own private label business and ship out private label products to your customers.

  • Do thorough and proper market research

One of the key secrets of booming within the private label business is to sell products that have a niche market. The reason behind this is that lower your competition; you will have more chances of becoming the highest market shareholder.

After you’ve found your niche market is time to compare the products and find the ones that have high sales on e-commerce platforms or at least have the potential to sell big. Some things to keep in mind in this regard is that pricey products are often a bit difficult to pack and post. You need to start with products that are low cost but essential for the customers.

Some of the best products you can choose right now are gym accessories like training socks, mats, training clothes, training shoes, gym towels, and more. These have sell competition, high searches, instantly accessible, and high sales volumes as well.

  • Find yourself excellent private label manufacturers

Once you have decided your market and your product, you need to find out a trustworthy private label products manufacturer. There are a lot of private label manufacturers out there; each of them deals with a specific type of product and in particular regions. You need to find out the one who can provide you with the product you want. You might also consider dealing with more than one manufacturer, then the chance of delays and problems will be lesser.

Some of the things you need to keep in mind while finding and choosing a private label manufacturer are given below:

  • First of all, you should do some research about their products and check if they are of excellent and valid quality.
  • After that, you should choose between inland and overseas manufactures.
  • You should be aware of scams, and you should know how to detect and avoid them.
  • You should know how to accurately and efficiently communicate with a manufacturer.

One of the best places to find these private label manufacturers is Alibaba. Furthermore, there are many tools available that make the process of finding and negotiating these manufacturers an effortless job; one such tool is Sourcify. Sourcify lets you effortlessly scout Alibaba’s massive resource of products and helps you pick some of the best.

  • Create your brand

After you’ve finished finding the manufacturer, you have to create your unique brand under which you’ll sell the products. Reliable, exclusive, and customer-centric brands will help to establish your brand and sell your products.

One thing to keep in mind is that people are first drawn to a brand, and after that, they are concerned about the product. If you are successful in building a strong brand, then you can consider that your product is 60% sold.

  • Find a place to sell your products

It depends upon your capital in hand and the type of product you intend to sell. There are two primary channels through which you can sell your products, the first one being your e-commerce platform and the second one being Amazon

You need to consider two main factors while selling your private label product through these two mediums.

First of all, is the profit share. When you sell your products through Amazon, they will charge a part of your profit. On the other hand, when you sell them through your e-commerce platform, there is no such profit sharing. Furthermore, there will be massive competition from mainstream products and Amazon’s private label products over Amazon. Back at your e-commerce platform, you’ll have the power of monopoly.

The best possible solution would be to stay at Amazon and gain some profits and in-between all that create your platform.

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