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NLP strategies for getting a new job


Looking for a job is quite straightforward: you send the resume and cover letter, you wait to be called for an interview, and you get the job. Well, the reality is a little different in the ultra-competitive job market. You have to come up with a flawless resume and cover letter and find something to make you distinguish yourself from the other job seekers. You should ask yourself ‘How can I create my resume in such a way that will make me a good fit for the company?’

Thanks to some ingenious Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, the job seeking process can become a success.

Basic resume

You cannot have a resume that you send to all job offerings. You have to make changes depending on what each job’s requirements are. You can get some writing help on the internet or from people who are well-versed into creating resumes. This also applies to your LinkedIn profile. If you see that your current resume and LinkedIn profile do not give you the expected results, don’t be afraid to make changes. One thing to remember is to turn off your activity broadcasts when you make changes to your profile. Too many changes do not look good to potential employers.

NLP in resume

You can also use an NLP language pattern in your resume. Add information about your experience and state the great results you have achieved in your previous work positions, but give no information about how you achieved them. In your cover letter, keep the focus on the benefits you can bring to the company and relate them to the achievements you have mentioned in your resume. Now the recruiter has evidence that you can deliver results and a direct benefit statement for hiring you, but no info about how you achieved your experience. To get that the information they will have to call you for an interview. This method is known as the anticipation loop and it’s an effective way of making you stand out.

Moreover, the additional trick in resume writing is an orientation on the reader. Yes, the first person, who decides your destiny is the HR manager and surprisingly they estimate resume in a very specific way: which information is widely described and which is explained in two words (sometimes it shows the real type of human’s character), perfect structure is good, but clichés are boring.

The Job Interview

You finally got the interview call you have been expected. Be prepared for the tough part of getting the job. The interview assesses who you really are, not just the person you want to be on your resume. Before the interview check if you know everything about the company by checking their website and doing a Google research. After this, focus on the job you have applied for. Check the job description again and pay attention to the requirements that match how you described yourself in the resume. You should be prepared to emphasize these points and use them as your best cards to play. If you’re looking to get into a highly-competitive job market, like finding software engineer jobs in New York, learn to play your best skills to your advantage so your interviewer sees what you can offer to the company upfront.

Landing your dream job, or sometimes any job, can take months. This can be very discouraging and may make you lose hope in your abilities, knowledge, and experience. Use these techniques and make yourself look like a valuable asset for the employer.

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