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How to succeed in a male-dominated business world


Over the past few months, we have been speaking to some inspiring women that are determined to change the face of some of the most male-dominated industry’s out there. We’re talking about agriculture, construction, restoration and more, and one thing that each of them experienced was the question, “why?” Why have they chosen that field, a question they probably wouldn’t have been asked if they were a man.

That’s just one of the challenges they had to overcome, but it gives a pretty good insight into what you can expect when wanting to break the mold and change the face of a male-dominated industry.

That’s why we are here, to tell you that you can totally conquer in this arena and to ensure this, we have laid out some top tips to help you succeed.

Assertiveness is your best friend

If you want to succeed in a male-dominated industry, then you have to work harder than anyone else. The reason for this is, you can’t just demand the respect you are owed, you have to out and earn it, and the best way of doing this is to get out there and do your job. No attitude, just assertiveness. That way you will gain control of the situation without desperately trying to control it.

Ignore the stereotypes

You are going to have to get used to clients and customers looking straight through you, at least you will to begin with. They may even ignore you completely and start talking to your male colleagues instead. Try not to take this personally. Just lift your chin, do your job and do your job well. That’s the best way to show them who the best is.

Speak louder

Statistically speaking, males are the louder of the two sexes. They are very vocal about what they want, which means you should be too. If you’re working in an agricultural or farming environment, which is very male dominated, and you believe the best way to maximize output efficiency is to, say, install an ultrasonic oxygen flow meter to ensure better precision, then get yourself heard. Tell your boss why this is the best option, and show them why you are the woman for the job. Getting ahead means being heard, so find your voice.

Thick skin

The big problem men in male-dominated industries have is they think they have to act differently when there is a female on the job with them. They think they have to behave differently. That can stem a bit of friction. Take the construction industry, for example, a business where dirty jokes and lad culture is as thick as cement. Well, once they know that you’re not offended by their sense of humor, they’ll relax a bit more. That doesn’t mean you should accept blatant sexism or harassment, it just means their behavior isn’t directed at you.

Women should help women

You are working in a male-dominated career, which means you are going to be totally outnumbered. That’s why it is so important you link up with other women in your business, or industry, and connect with one another online and in person. Women are incredible at empowering other women, and that will help you succeed because it will help you improve your support network, gain a better understanding and improve your opportunities, not to mention making friends too.

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