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Success for women: how to rise in the business world


This guide outlines how and why we are seeing more success for women, and tips to achieve it.

 Over one third of all businesses that are registered are owned and operated by women. Women also account for over one third of the managers throughout the industries across the world.

Strategising success for women

It has been a long time coming, but women are starting to achieve the same levels of power as their male counterparts. Pay structures and advancement opportunities are still far from being equal, but women will continue to rise to the top through the strategies for success for women that they have been employing over the last few years.

Owning It

One of the main problems of success for women throughout the ages have been that women are left behind when it comes to promotions. One way that they have been overcoming this unfair practice is to stand up and own themselves. They let it be known that they are an integral part of the team and are more than able to lead.

This goes for any industry. Women that stand up and own what they do, and what they can do, will have a much better chance of getting moved up on the corporate ladder.


This may seem like a redundant aspect re success for women that you have heard a million times. But school or university is not what is being discussed here. By education it is meant that your workplace needs to be educated about the gender bias that is still going on throughout the world and preventing success for women.

Someone needs to educate the others within the workplace, and it might as well be you. Not only will the other women look up to you, but the head managers will take note and include you in the next round of promotions and raises.


If after everything that you have done to climb the ladder is still being unnoticed, it may be time to break free and start your business. Getting your own piece of the pie could easily be in your future. When you have your business idea, go to an online comparison site and apply for a business loans in Australia. Make sure that you have a business plan, documentation to support yourself and your future business, and approach the loan interview with your head held high.


Yes, you have been excluded most of your life. Working harder than the rest to get where you are. Once the top is achieved you would think that it would be easier to help others move up with more success for women. You will soon find out that being an inclusive manager is not as easy as it seems.

You will still run into barriers and receive backlash from the other team leaders. Women that continue to rise find ways to continue helping themselves, as well as helping others.

Have Priorities

Have priorities: analyze your priorities and what you want to have, or maintain, in every dimension of your life – whether in relationships, family, career, etc.

Remember: those who have more than five goals have no goal! Nobody raises a unicorn, makes a child and wins a marathon in the same year.

Be more objective and less ambitious: avoid arriving in December and being frustrated with your own performance. It’s up to you to set expectations!

Have clear indicators: establish metrics to know if you will achieve what you plan. Try to replace “read more” with “read 5 books”; “take courses” with “take two courses”; “save” by “end the year with $10,000 in the account”; “be happier” for “dedicating x hours to doing that sport I love”, and so on!

Action plan: create an action plan and revisit it every month. Don’t leave it to review the goals in November! It is important to have constancy.

Draw an action map: the idea is that you take a list and prioritize each of the questions below:

  • What courses or mentoring do you need to take? Until when?
  • How much money do you need?
  • Which team are you going to hire?


Women are judged more by the way that they look than men in the same positions. How you dress. How you do your makeup. How many piercings and tattoos you have will affect how you are perceived when it comes to success for women.

Everything that is part of your professional style will be used against you in the climb to the top. Embrace yourself and be yourself. That is the only way that you will make it to the top. Be positive about who you are. Know what you can accomplish, and let your coworkers see what you can do.


Women have been slowly lifting themselves up in business. Some companies make it hard to move up, while others try to make the work environment based more on work, and not on biases that should have been thrown out the window decades ago.

You will need to keep your head up and keep pushing for what you want. Successful women never give up, and they never let their gender get in the way of becoming a successful manager, leader, or business owner.

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