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Forget the obstacles: Techniques for successful inbound marketing


What is better than work flexibility? You have the freedom to work wherever, whenever, and on your terms. Decades ago, such working conditions were laughable. However, with the advancement in technology, more so the proliferation of the internet, and word-processing capabilities, such is possible. The online universe is the go-to location for information seekers. The facts show that there is always a massive demand for inbound marketers, who are the information providers that browsers seek in their online searches.

Inbound marketing is the dominant online and is one of the main strategies utilized by many firms. They are looking for a good ranking on search engines, and who better to offer information-rich content than an inbound marketer? But wait, long-term contracts don’t come easy. Firms find it easier to deal with an established business rather than working with a solo entrepreneur that doesn’t have a solid background. When you sell yourself to possible clients, what image are you representing? Understandably, the marketing business is not restricted to conventional business tactics.

Here, there’s more flexibility. All it takes in this business is an active internet connection, the necessary hardware, and other relevant software to support your work. Therefore, any able person out there can make this business move, but how one positions themselves in this highly competitive market is what lands good gigs. A well-established business would make a better pitch than a solo entrepreneur’s venture that doesn’t have a foundation to support its claim as a legitimate business.

Inbound marketers have realized the strategies of making their business profitable. The market is broad, and any serious essay writer doing inbound marketing can make a large profit. So, are you willing to take the next step and become a full-time professional? It is one fundamental move that will strengthen your pitches, and before you know it, you are going to manage an extensive portfolio of clients in your business. It takes more than setting up a business; many things follow that enable you to build your brand.

Essential consideration before you start

The beginning pay can be demoralizing for aspiring online marketing professionals. Although there’s a high demand for such services, there’s hardly an inbound marketer that is making their living solely from this business. Therefore, payment rates might sound a bit lower than expected, but it is all about what you make for yourself.

The bond that you form with your clients will determine the wage you receive, and the longer the relationship, the more forthcoming the gig. One thing that you ought to never do is to sell yourself short. Dig out more information about your niche’s expertise and align your capabilities with the gigs you are applying for. It is easy figuring out the average range for your skill level, and don’t forget to upgrade as you build your experience.

How are you going to build strong relationships with your clients? It is a practice that’s synonymous in every business venture – holding on to your current clientele while working on attracting new ones. Well, the strategy is the same – giving them something that they are not going to get anywhere else. Here, you can ascertain that you always over-deliver on your promise. It will make you sound more genuine and trustworthy. Creating a brand and establishing yourself as an authority is going to give you a significant boost and a reasonable price tag.

What is the best way to start?

Certain services are in high demand in the market. Strategically positioning your business as a provider of one or more of such will grow your venture. The possibilities are massive. You can choose to go for any of the different niches in inbound marketing. All you have to do is to build a vast portfolio of the categories that you choose. Here, creating a user-friendly website that holds all your credentials will work.

Attracting the best-paying clients

Ordinarily, larger firms are going to have bigger budgets. This means that you are going to be paid more for working for them. Gaining their confidence is going to take more than what you were used to when you were starting up or didn’t have a brand for your business. Create new pitches, and intensively utilize all online platforms. Eventually, if you are right, large clients will knock on your door. Remember that rejection is part of the process, and it is bound to happen. A great strategy is to focus on the positives and use them as opportunities to build your pitching techniques.

About Dani Balabushkin

Dani Babushkin is a New York based marketing coach with a focus on helping startups achieve their goals. She has several years of experience in both startup and corporate businesses.

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