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  • virtual conferences

    How to build the right virtual team

    It is becoming more common for businesses to be functioning more as a virtual office or team with flexible hours than the standard  ‘bricks and mortar’ office location and 9am-5pm hours. Technology allows us all...

  • crisis management overcome fear business failure

    5 big risks for small business, and what to do about them

    When it comes to business, small businesses seem to always be the underdog, having to always fight harder than normal to get anywhere. And even though all businesses are prone to risks and dangers, small...

  • business accounting multitasking - Accountancy

    How to systemise your business – so you can breathe!

    During my 10 years in business. there was a time when I always felt completely exhausted and was chained behind my desk. I had no life. My business was running me, instead of me running...

  • cope with business

    Are you a blogger or a business person? Maybe not both

    A few years ago, I started a blog on healthy eating. At the time, I thought if I produced good content consistently, people would magically find it. And that is the starting point for just...

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