Taylor Swift could save you thousands


Taylor Swift new song “Shake it off” could save you thousands in therapy bills and even business coaches.

Why? Because she tells you exactly what most therapists and coaches will tell you when you face difficulties in the professional space (and the personal space as well).  Shake it off.

It won’t come as a shock that there are people who set out to undermine you ⎯ the world will always have haters, players, fakers and game players ⎯ but you’ll face more of them if you are a woman on your way to the top.

There will always be those who are jealous of your success. Heeding them will distract you from your ultimate goal of serious success. So do as Taylor Swift so confidently tells us … shake it off.

There will always be “players” in business (not just in our personal life) including the likes of the male flatterer. Once again, it’s best to avoid them and if you happen to deal with them… shake it off and move on.

Be confident in knowing this is common. While Swift usually focuses on her own dramas to inspire her songwriting, the ability to ‘shake it off’ is one that everybody could use.

So, next time you feel you are being undermined, shafted, or gamed, instead of brooding on it, grab your iPod and crank this song as loud as possible. It could save a little bit of your much-needed sanity to survive in a tough business world.

You can watch (and listen) to it right now…

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